• Getting Ready For College

    The entire high school curriculum is getting you ready and smart enough to enter college, and then eventually start the career of your choice. It is imperative that you attend highschool for this exact reason.
    If you are thinking of dropping out, think again.
    Someone who cares, truly. Yes

  • Yes! But there is a catch...

    I believe that education has never hurt anybody. It improves individuals as well as the entire country. But there is one thing I would adjust to the system. A lot of kids feel like they want to do something with their life that does not require any "book-smart" knowledge. If these kids are absolutely certain about this, I think a high school should offer them courses in the fields they want to later work in. You can't force every kid to become book-smart. That wouldn't be right. Besides, we need people to jobs that do not require big brains. That is why I am in favor of modeling our high school system after what a lot of European countries do. We have to make it so that there are different levels where everyone can learn at their own pace with people who learn in the same way. That way the quick and smart people aren't held back by those who need more time.

  • There is no excuse for dropping out.

    If one gets into the habit if quiting early on they will quit everything that is hard throughout life and that my friends is bad. Boredom is a very poor excuse to quit and it seems to be the most common excuse. If the kid is not mentally capable then send them to a special school but otherwise they need to go to school.

  • Simply put it yes

    Students need to finish their education. How else are we going to have a say in this world market system we need education to be informed and think logically and independently. High School has help the country by educating its citizens and to create a fair and candid world. The defense rest.

  • "Have to" is subjective

    This omits possibilities such as home schooling. But, assuming home schooling was to be assumed, high school itself is subjective in its capabilities to achieve positive results, especially based on locations in which a person lives, this also excludes things such as the wealth of the person, and their capability to proceed in their education afterwards. Sure, you can take out loans, but how effective will that actually be? People like to stay positive and say: "High school is important, end of story! Yay!", however, nothing is perfect, especially not a system designed over a century ago. There could be plenty of alternatives to high school if given the chance.

  • Education is Important High School is Not

    High School can take away from education. In my case I do not have enough time to learn topics that I am interested in because I am brought down by the work in high school.
    What we learn in high school is important, But we have to change the way we teach our children. Most of the work I am assigned is just busy work and does not help me with anything.
    If I wanted to be an entrepreneur there are no classes in my school that will help me with that. That is why I look to the internet for answers. I know the internet in not all truth, But I feel as though I am educated enough to understand the difference between true and false on most occasions. People my ask were I got that education. That is when schooling before high school comes into play. I feel as though this is important to have a broad knowledge of our world. Going back to high school, Most of the courses I am taking feel like a repeat of previous schooling filled with busywork that has no educational value. The teachers just want to make themselves look good my assigning more work. This busy work takes away from me further educating myself. In my opinion High School is pointless.

  • Students might not want a carrier that high school would help them achieve.

    There are many carriers that high school education is not needed for. If a student is dead set on taking one of these carriers, then high school would just be a wast of time they could use improving their skills for there desired carrier. They could tailor there own learning to what would help them in there carrier.

  • No No No

    Because high school is just got to many bullies, I'm home schooled and some people i know there dads are teachers, and they don't send there kids to school so that shows how bad it can be there may be a few high school that are OK but in each and every school there is always someone who picks on people.My dad went to high school he hated it because of the bullies.I hate high school but home schooled means that you can rely on not get hurt by a bully.!!!!

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