• No idiot wouldn't play a sport.

    Do you really want to become the class loser, the fattest in the school, or even the slowest at everything to do with running? Well, I wouldn't. I believe that half the fault of kids not doing sport is the child who doest want to do it, and the other half is the parents. I doubt that parents want their kid to be unfit and fat. The only kids that don't have to do sport, are the ones who's parents spoil them by saying "If you don't want to do sport, then you don't have to honey" well, I just think that those parents are stupid, and probably didn't have many friends in school. So to all who hate sport, I say " Well, if you don't like sport, theres no point of you living."

  • Absolutely, if all safety aspects are considered and the child is wanting to play the sport, then why not?

    The opportunity for children to play sports not only will give them the opportunity for fitness and to stay in shape, but can also help them to grow into "team-players" and adults that work well with others.

    When playing sports, children do run the risk of getting hurt. It is important to teach your child property safety tips when playing sports especially at the youth level. I share this page with my friends and colleagues who also have younger children participating in sports.

    It's also important to consider what your child wants. If they are asking to participate in the sport then it is important that as their parent you are allowing them to participate taking all safety precautions into mind.

  • Yes they should play a sports because you don't want your kids playing video games all the time.

    What would happen if they have never played a sport in their life? The kids have to take Physical Education in high school so they would be one of those kids who will have the hardest time with keeping up with the more athletic students. One of the things they might have to do is go on a bike ride and that can be really hard if they are not in shape because there are such a thing as hills.

  • Kids need to be healthy for the future.

    Kids need to play a sport to stay healthy for today's life and their future. It gives them the experience to decide if they want to try to push them selves into becoming a pro. Kids don't have enough time in middle school or elementary school for a regular fit life. It might not be their thing but there should be more than just the basic sports for little kids. The price for sports should also go down for the people that don't have the money.

  • Kids should game

    It lets them try new things and give different opportunities. Helps prevent obesity which is a widespread disease. Promotes healthy life choices. If a child is more athletic, the will have a better immune system, they will be all together healthier. Also, exercise is commonly pushed aside when it is a critical element to our health and heath development.

  • It should be mandatory for kids to take part in sports.

    We need exercise and especially kids who are at their growing age need as much as exercise as they can get. This will prevent laziness within themselves which if not prevented could be highly dangerous in later ages. Sports provide a sense of competition within a child as they are always aiming to do their best, thus making sports a vital part of a child's life

  • Many health benefits

    Kids should find a sport that they enjoy and playing that sport will boost their mood and make them a lot happier. There are also many health benefits such as the big decrease of risks of serious diseases. Did you know that 3.2 million people die every year from physical inactivity? You don't want your child growing up with no idea how much fun playing sport really is for them.

  • People think it would mess up kids time.

    But really it improves kids memory learning and concentration witch could help kids do better in school. Witch could help a lot with kids having trouble in school. Also it could make kids happier and them not having to sit around doing nothing when they could be having fun outside

  • People think it would mess up kids time.

    But really it improves kids memory learning and concentration witch could help kids do better in school. Witch could help a lot with kids having trouble in school. Also it could make kids happier and them not having to sit around doing nothing when they could be having fun outside

  • Kids should make there own descions in life

    All kids should play a sport if they would like why force a kid and make them upset and knowing they are hopeless at what they are doing. They would be getting embraced and never find any friends with out embarrassing the selves. Image being an adult watching your kid suffer from embrassment. I know I would hate it 😡

  • Kids can make their own decisions

    No, a child should not be forced to play a sport because he or she may want to pursue the arts or focus on music. We need to stop living in a corrupt society where kids are forced to obey the will of their parents who seem to have no respect for the individuality of their children. Kids depend on their parents, bur that does not mean they cannot make their own decisions about certain things and have their own opinions indepenent of that of their parents. Some children feel oppressed by the expectations pushed on them by their parents and therefore feel obligated to play or continue playing a sport. Health is important, but sports are not the only way kids can receive exercise.

  • Sports are good for exercise but who says a kid "HAS TO PLAY AN ORGANIZED SPORT"

    I don't think a kid should be required to play a sport. It probably benefits the child at the time and possibly for the future but as long as they are somewhat active I don't see the problem in making it a "REQUIREMENT" Get the kids outside and let them run around and have fun.

  • Kids shouldn't HAVE to

    I don't think kids should be forced to play a sport. Maybe their parents don't have the money. Maybe the kids just don't like sports that much. You don't want to force a kid to play a sport and just have him dreading it and being miserable. I think participation in sports is great, but I don't think it should be required. I do, however, also think it's important that kids get some physical activity somehow.

  • Yes and no but mainly no

    I am a 7th grade student, right now in my class I am writing an essay on why kids shouldn't play sports and I say because of how much time it takes up, how much money it is, and how many injures can happen, even leading to death, is that good enough to write a 5 paragraph essay about

  • Try something else

    If sports make someone feel uncomfortable, why should they be forced to do it? Can't they just play on their wii or do something in the comfort of their home? Have them eat healthier, that might help! Putting pressure on sports takes away from academics, which should be their main focus.

  • No they should not

    Why because children might be tried after all that work and after school they would want to chill for a while, my school has gym but we don't have to be forced to play a sport. Yes it will help are body in a good way but i think we should not have to play a sport

  • Why they shouldn't have to

    They don't have to play of they don't want to. The majority of people enjoy sports (I like watching them on TV) but I don't like playing them. I used to play baseball (my favorite sport) but I just don't like playing sports anymore. Sports are okay, but not great.

  • Some parents aren't able to afford equipment and gear for the sport their child plays.

    Lots of parents still don't have jobs and are unemployed, and if their son or daughter is required to play a sport, they wouldn't be able to pay for them. Most of the time, gear and equipment cost a lot of money. Parents or guardians might not be able to cover it, along with all of the other bills parents have to pay.

  • Sports do no equal healthy

    How does playing a sport equal being healthy and fit. There are ways to be active that do not include sports. Not every person is an athlete but that doesn't mean they are going to be an unhealthy couch potato. There is too much emphasis on sports and it puts too much pressure on kids to perform and not develop academically. As long as parents ensure their children are active there is no need to force a sport on them.

  • It Is A Choice.

    Some kids (like me, for example) aren't into sports and aren't athletic. Kids playing sports is great, but if they want to play music or join a club then that should be fine. Kids need exercise, but lots of schools require Phys Ed for at least one semester if you don't play a sport. I think that's great to help the kids stay fit without them having to participate in sports that just aren't for them.

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