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    This is how we enable cowards in the White House and socially awkward adults. Teaching their kids to treat fake government FDA's madeup opinionated suggestions as "requirements. " Very anti-libertarian, Pro-authoritarian cowardice is still, In 2020, Being instilled onto our children.

    My own mom and especially my stepdad (my brother's dad) are like this to my brother. Bullying my brother and making up fake stuff like "his eyes aren't straight" and stuff like that. He is eight years old and has a stricter bedtime (9pm, Up to 10pm only on Friday Nights) than his own cousins and friends.

    He barely allows my brother to even eat chips. He forces my brother to draw and read almost every day even when school is over. He treats him like he wants him to fear him.

    He and his wife (my mom) are both planning on voting for Trump. The funny thing is I didn't even tell them who I am voting for. The way you vote is exactly the kind of person you are. Even Biden supporters enable this cowardice with this whole "everyone has a different opinion/view" crap. I'm voting for Howie Hawkins because I want to raise a future generation of kids where they don't have to believe all the lies from the government which they hide truths from.

    Screen time does not affect your kids or their eyes, It is a make-belief ableist piece of crap that derives from eugenics. Yet you still teach your kids these stupid things. No one can agree how much is too much sugar for kids. . A number is just a number.

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