Should kids hit their parents, If their parents are hitting them?

Asked by: puppywover
  • Yes they should

    Kids should hit their parents if their parents are hitting because it is self defense let’s say that your parent hits you for being a naughty or bad boy ok first you hit them back and tell them to never mess with us kids ok ok ok ok good bye

  • I agree to it

    Kids should be able to defend themselves. For the people in the no section, I have a question for you. Have you ever been beaten up in general, Probably not. Trust me, It hurts not only physically but emotionally and mentally. Kids need to stand up for themselves, Even if it is teaching their parents a lesson the hard way.

  • It's Self Defence

    Let's say you are being abused by your parents (like I don't know they are trying to beat you up or something) you should be allowed to defend yourself from violence regardless of whom it may come from.

    To anyone who votes no, Why is it ok for children to be brutally attacked but yet not be allowed to do something about it? Is it because you're a control freak? Most likely yes.

  • No, This is a horrible idea.

    Okay, People that think that hitting your kids for discipline is "abuse". But without that discipline, Children could behave even worst than before to the point where they're never gonna listen to you. Some people think that yelling and giving kids whatever they want is the way to parent, But it's only made some kids worst. Stop being scared of your own kids and show them that they shouldn't be disrespecting you, Putting their hands on ANYONE (unless for defensive reasoning), Don't let them talk back to you, And if they are misbehaving, Then discipline them.

  • Kids should not hit their parents

    Firstly, It can teach them to be hitters themselves, They can hit other parents, Their teacher, Or even their friends. Secondly, It can devalue the child, When you spank, It will happen. Lastly, It does not improve the parent's behavior of hitting their children, Except only making her/him worse. So I think kids should not hit their parents if they are hitting them.

  • No, They shouldn't.

    Some would tell me that it is a double standard for parents to hit their children. But parenting is based upon so many double standards. Some say it's cruel. It isn't really cruel if it isn't often or unjust. They say it's linked to sociopathy, But that's because hitting can mostly (but doesn't have to) be accompanied with more severe punishments, Which do cause the sociopathy.

  • Don't make matters worse.

    Although harming children is undeniably condemnable, Children should try to avoid fighting back as much as possible. You don't want to further anger already raging parents and make matters worse.

    If the abuse persists from both parents, The child should talk to a school counselor or other trusted adult. If the situation becomes severe and the child fears for their life, Then they should try to get somewhere safe and call the police immediately, Only turning to violence as a last resort.

  • Not beating in the first place

    The act should of beating children should be addressed first before talking about revenge. Of course asking a child to pay back upon beating an adult is like causing more harm than good to the child.

    What do you expect from an angry adult? To be rational and think that the child also has rights not be beaten? Please, Lets talk about the root cause and stop endangering the lives of innocent children.

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