• I say yes.

    Children need to learn to swim for their own benefit and safety. However I believe it should only be in primary school that swimming is compulsory like it is now, So that when they start preparing for GCSEs they have no distractions. Children should be able to swim in the deep end or at least tread water before they are 11 years of age.

  • Important skill to learn

    If you get caught in a sinking ship or if a plane lands in water, You need to know how to swim. It boosts fitness, As well. Also, Swimming can help boost muscle and joint development, Which is really crucial. This is why swimming is an extremely important thing for kids to learn and should be made conpulsiry.

  • Swimming. Swimming is important

    Swimming is important than you don't drown. Drowning is not fun, you shouldn't drown its bad for you might die. In all honesty the risks of not knowing how to swim out way whether the child wants to learn how or not. If you ever are in a situation where you could drown( it happens more often than you think.) you could save yourself or someone else, in a hole just learn how to swim yo.

  • I am in school

    Well Im doing a exposition on why swimming is important so swimming is important because it helps kids have more practice like when there is a fire than they know they can hold there breath in right and swimming can help many more people for swimming Im in school lol

  • Swimming is a great thing to know.

    I do feel kids should learn at some point how to swim, as it can be a very good thing to know how to do. It may very well come in handy one day, as nobody knows what the future holds. Not to mention, swimming is considered one of the very best forms of exercise.

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  • Yeah they should, its a damn essential skill is what it is (unless you live in the midwest and never went to the beach)

    Swimming is important because what if you get into deep water and can't swim you'll drown. Knowing how to swim is pretty damn essential especially if you go to the ocean a lot and maybe your boat sinks or something, you need to know how to swim ok good b.

  • I hate swim because there's no french onion soup

    I LOVE FRENCH ONION SOUP it is my life and we dont have enough time to change in swim thats also why i hate it and my school pool is descusting there is bacteria in the pool thats why i hate it and love french onion soup ! - Mychajlo

  • I love swimming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I like swimming. I likes to the swims. I likes the pool. I's likes the swimmings. I i i i i i i i iiiiiiii o mfoi g nv fu uf e uf hiv hvf g f igf jivf jv jdf dv vdv vd fm m m n vn jf.

  • Knowing how to swim prevents kids from drowning .

    Six teens slipped from the wading area and fell into the deep water of the Louisiana river on Tuesday . The adult bystander do not know how to swim , nor could the the 6 teens . So the adult watch helplessly as the kids went under . So learning how to swim is important .

  • No, it can cause many problems.

    Some children dislike the idea of swimming and forcing them to could cause many traumatic acts. Such as the kids missing out on school or this is possibly the least likely and worst suicied. There is a great amount of chance of a kid drowning which could be very fatal.

  • No swimming pls

    There are only one drowning in a year so it is so little accidents school do not even have to teach swimming it is also useless because Hong Kong do not have enough places to build any more swimming pools. If all schools teach swimming there are actually no any FREAKING places to swim!

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