• Our digitalising generation is using technology more and more. Plus, Studies show that testing kids with technology shows improvements in their results.

    Technology presents a solution to many problems encountered by students in school. It is an alternative to heavy books in that you can access things digitally. Technology replaces pen and paper which is a good thing, Conversely to an opinion posted by the other side. Various writing test results show improvements in those who use technology because of the rate they can type and the ability to delete sections of text when necessary. There is no reason why people using technology would have less creativity than those using pen and paper. Zero. None. It's not like you're using pen and paper that much in your jobs later on, So why not get used to creating spreadsheets, Formatting PowerPoints and resizing pictures to fit your needs in your future life? Pen and paper is becoming obsolete, And its' alternatives are indefinitely better.

  • So kids hands do not heart

    Some kids hands heart a lot after writing but not really when you are useing a I pad or a electrical. Okkkkkkkkkkkkkk ok ok ok that is what I think. Plz agree with me kids come on. I have a lot more reasons why but I might change about people ok.

  • Kids should use paper and pencil.

    Using paper and pencil can help with many things, Such as improving writing. And if you use computers all the time you can't develop your creativity as well as you could using paper and pencil. Using computers are fine, But strictly computers is not very healthy and it can also lead to cheating on quizzes and tests and all of that.


    Think about this: Viruses, Lag, Poor quality, Broken, Cracked screens, WIFI, Battery percent. Trust me I actually have technology at my school and it is not the best. Besides you won't get like an Apple computer or something super high quality. Once you get it you will regret it. Your teachers will make you print things out and you will not like it was much as paper and pencil righting.

  • I think they should,

    It is necessary to use pencil and paper for kids up to a level. When kids start learning they make so many mistakes, So pencils are required there so that kids can erase those mistakes and improve. Pencils and papers are also needed to improve the handwriting of the kids.

  • A needed skill.

    A long time ago, And in certain countries, Lacked a basic education. They couldn't read, Write or do basic math. Today, Because kids rely on technology so much, They are loosing these basic skills. Have you seen the handwriting of kids today? You could easily mistake something written by a young adult for that of a grade school kid. Some schools are not even teaching cursive yet even their printed writing looks like chicken scratches. I know young adults that use their cell phone apps any time even a simple math problem comes up. I know some that can't even read an analog clock. What would happen if an EMP went off that killed their tech or even a power outage lasted long enough for their cell battery to go dead? They would be lost. For them, It would be the stone age. Odds are, Handwriting will be of some importance to them as adults. For instance, Leaving messages for others when you don't know their contact information. What are they going to do when ask to sign various documents like loan papers or marriage licences? Will they be placing an X like their uneducated ancestors use to do?

  • Memes are distracting.

    Memes are a major distraction in class and can lead to more missing work than ever, And students are not going to print a load of memes and pass them to their friend, No, That's an old way to spread the meme, Nowadays students will use google to look at memes during tests and classwork until the end of class and you already know grades (Mostly for guys) Are going down in average.

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