• Kids need to be organized.

    They cant just go around playing what ever they want. That is so 1950s if you know what I mean. Kids these days can not even play basketball without someone crying because Jim broke the rules. Why is it always Jim? They are beneficial in ways. They are healthy and fun for all.

  • Lots of Practice

    Kids need practice if they want a future in sports. Do you just expect them to just take the elevator up? They also need to learn about the importance of hard work. Especially with the problem with modern day children and video games. What are the many people on the other side thinking?!?!

  • Pressure, pressure, pressure!

    Kids are always pressured when they are on sports teams or in organized sports. For example, one kid wasn't paying attention and he got yelled at by the whole team! So much pressure! Also, being on these teams can distract kids from schoolwork and won't let them focus on what's more important. This can cause a lot of problems.

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