• Sports are awesome

    The brain is way more active even after 20 minute walk the brain waves will help you in school sports are the things that will help you in life, 94% of high schoolers did sports and 61% said it helped them get a job and b success in life sports

  • Why sports are good

    I take the position that competitive sports is a good thing because; sports help with diabetes and obesity, it helps you learn how to win and lose gracefully and most importantly, I say sports is a good thing because with sports you are taught lessons that can’t be taught in class or at home.
    Competitive sports are a good thing because it helps prevent diabetes and obesity in kids. The saying “Get fit, 60 minutes a day can help!” which is true, 60 minutes of sports; outside play and other things do make the difference. With competitive sports, you’re communicating and you're giving your body and your mind conditioning. Meaning you’ll be fit in that sport and it helps prevent diabetes (ect) MORE than outside play because you're practicing and playing every day almost.
    Another reason I say sports are a good thing is because it helps you win and lose gratefully. In PE classes you’ll see the kids that are shouting “YES!” after a game of dodgeball, to volleyball, or even whiffle ball but there’s always some people that are there pouting saying “NO that’s not fair, redo! I call for redo!” In competitive sports the coaches won’t deal with kids doing things like for, so they teach them how to act.
    My final and most important reason is about sports being a good thing is that sports teaches you things that’ll happen when you’re on your own and school and adults don’t teach you. Kids thinking that life’s always fair, and that you’ll always win is something that is taught in sports, and it also teaches you (example football) that you can’t be late and there’s going to be a price to pay, so they have to run. In sports many people think it’s just all fun and games (no pun intended) but really, it’s teaching you things that many other things cant.
    In this essay, I talked about how I think that competitive sports is a good thing. Because it helps reduce the risk of diabetes and obesity, it helps you learn how to win and lose gracefully, and one of the most importantly sports teaches you how the real world is going to be. I hope you consider this and relies why I say competitive sports is a good thing.

  • Sports are fun.

    Yes because they can meet new friends, learn new skills, and stay in shape. Sports are good because it can help children with life skills such as cooperation, fast thinking and working together. It can give children competitive skills and team spirit. Sports are not to win, they are for having fun. Washington Post completed a survey and asked kids under 18 why they participate in sports. Both girls and boys says the reason is for having fun. Winning was #8 for the boys and #12 for the girls out of 12.

  • Not everyone likes sports

    Not every child likes sports so why make it compulsory? Yes they should do physical activity, but JUST SPORTS? There are other things to do than sports. Anyway, doing boring sports people won't enjoy is just a waste of time. Like I hate football, but I have to do it but the other group get to do hockey which i love!

  • Kids should be allowed in sports

    Kids should be allowed in sports because there has been many studies and they show that sports help their positive social interaction and it actually improves their school life to. By kids getting exercise also helps lower the risk of heart related diseases. Kids being in sports really helps a lot of things.

  • Kids should most definitely participate in competitive sports!!

    They should because it teaches kids teamwork and how to cooperate with each other. Teaches you the skills and It is also about the participation and the fun. It also helps kids to learn to become healthy and fit. Teaches very important life lessons to young children in the future.

  • Kids Should Participate in School Sports

    Yes, kids should participate in school sports. Sports teach many valuable life skills such as teamwork, camaraderie, trying one's best, and physical fitness. If a child misses out on sports, then that child may also miss out on learning these skills. Therefore, all kids should participate in school sports programs.

  • Sports Are Fun!!!

    Kids should do sports because it give them a good opportunity to bond with other people their age. It give students a chance to make friends who like the same sports. Sports are fun activities that gives them a chance to be a hero for a team. Sports are healthy for the body. They help build muscles and make more lung space because most sports you have to breathe harder. And finally, sports helps your heart pump.

  • No it doesnt

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  • No more sports

    The morbidity, mortality and disability caused by high school sports-related injures can't be reduced AT ALL!!! At average 2 million kids go through 500,000 doctor visits and 30,000 hospitalizations in a year. You wouldn't want to pay for all those hospital bills, do you? Kids are a risk of dying in contact sports.

  • Sports don't need to be at school

    Sports don't need to be at school Kids may like Ice Hockey or Tennis but no those are not schools sports (usually some schools may have an exception) why should schools make there kids do football instead of volleyball? Children should get the chance to play the sports that actually interest them!

  • Kids need access to physical exercise, but it doesn't have to be through sports

    Participation in sports is great for many kids. Sports can help develop teamwork, discipline and provide much needed exercise, but not all kids enjoy sports. Some don't like contact sports or pressure. For those children, there need to be other chances for physical exercise that don't involve organized traditional sports.

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