• Its really fun

    Kids can grow up and then when they grow up they might still be interested to play baseball, Then the`ll maybe make it to the MLB. Then they will become famous and earn money. Then when they retire they can become coaches and teach other baseball players and still probably still have fun

  • Do you ever think that you can be faster.Well that`s why I think that kids, should play base ball.It alows us to exersize>< get faster

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  • Baseball is fun!

    Not only should kids participate in baseball for school, they should play baseball with their families, too, to learn how to have fun outdoors. I believe everyone should be allowed to play baseball no matter whether you are a child, a teenager, or a grown adult. Bottom line: Everyone should play baseball and have fun!

  • Yes they should

    Kids need more responsibilities teamwork and friends. Why shouldn't play baseball? They make the most friends and it's just for fun. So please play baseball more, it's a dieing sport. And baseball is not boring at all if you think so state your opinion. Say yes to play baseball? Please!

  • Yes every child should play a sport

    All kids should play a sport. It is very important to develop the body as well as develop the mind. Baseball is a great sport. It teaches people to rely and trust teamates as well as how to rely on themselves. It also is a sport that requires such a wide variety of skills that it can help kids branch out into most other sports. It also includes very little contact and is generally safer than some other sports such as football.

  • Yes Baseball should be played.

    Kids like to play baseball. It should also be allowed in elementary schools. Then if baseball is in elementary schools, the kids can play longer and get practice. So if you agree click on the word yes and enter why your opinion is yes, baseball should be played in elementary schools.

  • Kids should be allowed to play baseball

    Kids should be allowed to play baseball, but they will need their parents consent because injuries are very real and one can seriously be injured during gameplay. Adults can get injured, how much more is there danger when amateur kids play the sport. The game is fun and I believe kids should be given the chance to play it, but it needs to be safer somehow.

  • It is a healthy sport.

    Kids should play baseball if they are so inclined to. Boys, especially, traditionally love this game. Getting kids outside in their backyards or on teams, helps keep them busy and build teamwork skills. Teamwork skills are great for the next generation of business leaders. So baseball can create a whold lot of good from just a simple game.

  • If children want to there are few reasons they should not play baseball.

    Baseball is a fun activity for children that teaches coordination, cooperation, builds muscle and teaches how to play within an agreed upon set of rules. As such it is a valuable and much needed learning experience for our young citizens in training. The only arguments against children playing baseball I have heard of all involved the concept that children should be prevented from ever coming to any harm or injury. This is both unwise and impossible to achieve without creating a generation of new adults who can not deal with reality as it is.

  • Baseball is a productive sport for children

    Baseball is a sport that is low impact and high reward. There is still physical activity required. The confidence required just to catch a ball is a valuable trait. The teamwork required to relay the ball back to the diamond and to the relevant base teaches kids how to work together. There are many skills strengthened by baseball, and it is good for kids.

  • Children should not be allowed to play this evil game!

    Baseball might seem like a fun and engaging game full of fun and joy but behind the black curtain you'll see a different world. Unless you want your children to throw the world series or be prone to using steroids to improve their performance I would suggest you stay away!

  • Play Cricket instead

    Baseball is one of the worse sports in the world. It is an American way to have fun and do a sport but it just isn't fun. Baseball has no real objective (Well at least i don't think so as it is not my sort of thing. No baseball in Australia.

    Posted by: 9669
  • Kids should play Baseball.

    I'm a kid and you should play baseball because when you throw, it builds your arm strength the farther you go. Also when you run the base paths builds your speed as well as doing agility.Last but not least swinging at bat it helps you hit the ball for a base hit, a line drive, a pop up fly, and a HOME RUN.It also help you beat up bullies if you have a bat.Just JOKES but the game is to have fun.When you realizes when you keep playing the game, you will want to be in the majors if you don't know what the majors are it is major league baseball it's where the pros play.You get paid MILLIONS of dollars.

  • No u will die

    This sport is aful u will die the ball will hit u and u nwill die and u will break a leg u will die die die die do u wqnt ti do shshshgxshagdhagdhasgd xhdskjn bsjdh cjdh bhdgcjsd jdshcjdc ndsjkhkubc jdkhfjkhsncx jskhcjksd v v v v v v v v

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