• It is amazing

    Kids should play and my mom and dad won't let me so thats dumb and i need my mom and dad to say yes how can you help me pleases help me i really want to get it on my xbox one s and i need your help please help me

  • Fortnite is really fun.

    Fortnite is really fun, Yes it can be sort of addictive, But if you know how to control yourself, And actually have some self-control when it comes to money and the amount of time you play, It can be really fun and interesting, Also instead of spending money just enable 2fa and have your friend send you a skin.

  • Yes, They should!

    It has a lot of cool vibrant colors and has no blood at all. Yes, You kill people, But that is practically like paint balling. You have to shoot your opponents multiple times to eliminate them just like in Fortnite. You can also develop valuable skills from it. Don't forget that you can meet new people and become friends with them and play Duos together.

  • It good for kids

    Fortnite does not cause addiction. A website called venture beat posted a parents guide to the game it claims fortnite does not cause addiction it just gives them what society doesn’t. The word addiction gets used to much but if it doesn’t cause harm it’s not addiction. If they can pull themselves away from the game and talk with family or socialize with friends. When kids play video games instead of studying or doing chores and you can’t blame fortnite because that’s been happening since the first video game came out.

  • You bad kid

    It is a lit game haha your bad, Hit your shots XD subscribe to Lazarbeam and PewDiePie screw TSeries dis game doodoo 360 ooga booga booga give me dem toes lol you died to fall damage megadoodoo Pubg is bad play Apex Legends and Fortnite Season 1 Og kid lol

  • What is up homies

    It is a great game kfdjk sdafdsf dkfksd fj fkdrj fasifjesir fd kajsk fl fj saka fjasd f And Kids should play it fkadsj kdsajfsadfk sfsafkds fsjd fsdkf jsdkf sdkf jdks fsd jfk afk akdjfkasdfkajkdsajcfkas dkffsd ajkf sakd ja kdsfksdakfsd fsd jf jsdf sdjf sdkfds fjk sdafkdsasad adsfklsdaj dksa ;fa

  • They should boi

    There is no real violence, You are just out if you get to many times sort of like paintball. Plus the characters are cartoon like so there is no real violence, It's just like if a character get's hurt in a funny cartoon. But there should be limits, They can't be playing 6 hours a day.

  • Yes they should

    It is fun and you can play with your friends and develope team building skills also there is no blood or gore but your kids might ask for a skin or dance wich is a little expensive but you could buy the battlepass witch has about 20 of those but is only 10 dallors

  • Fortnite is good

    Fortnite does not have any blood in it like PUBG does and pubg is a very bad game for kids it should not be allowed to play PUBG and it is a vey violent game Kids do not play PUBG play Fortnite which has building mechanics and it is better!

  • Why Shouldn't They?

    Fortnite does not make children violent. Multiple studies (including research done by York University) have shown that children are not made more violent or aggressive because of violent video games. The games in those studies were a lot more violent than Fortnite, Sporting both blood and gore. Furthermore, The people claiming that video games make kids violent are newscasters and politicians, Not pyschologists.

    As I mentioned before, Fortnite is extremely popular. This popularity means that it can be a point of connection for children to make friends. In the Battle Royale mode of Fortnite, There is a squads mode where kids can team up with their friends and work together to win. This helps teamwork and communication skills. Even being good at the game will help kids with their confidence and gain respect from their peers.

    Fortnite, Contrary to popular belief, Is not violent. There is no blood and no gore anywhere to be found in the game. Instead of graphically dying, The characters simply disappear once eliminated. In fact, None of the elimination messages actually refer to the eliminations as deaths. The game does have guns in it. However, Since the whole style is so cartoony, It just doesn’t feel violent. Saying it’s violent is like saying playing with nerf guns makes children violent.

  • It's annoying and kids should go outside

    Kids are much better going outside in their spare time because it's healthier for them and they can find new hobbies, It's more fun to ride a skateboard or go out boating, And it is also mainly cheaper, I think that kids should focus more on hobbies that are practical as a job because in the future the kids who have worked hard and learned about their hobbies will have it much better off, And if everybody played video games all day, We wouldn't get anywhere, It's ok to play a bit, But not more than 1 1/2 hours because I promise you, You will get way more enjoyment out of doing other hobbies that you're good at.

  • James is right

    Doing Fortnite dances at school could cause you big trouble if you distinguish the differences of working peacefully and quietly or sitting in a corner for detention because of Fortnite dances. I also agree that kids should spend a lot more time outside instead of being trapped inside playing Fortnite because kids can rest their eyes after studying so hard on their homework, If not rested, It could cause eye problems which can be fatal.

  • Frontnut suxs puagb is abater gam

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  • Age Ranges for playing fortnite

    Some Children are influenced by what they see at a young age, So I would say that most teens would not be affected by playing violent video games, Because they know the difference between right and wrong. But young children (1-12) Are still in the process of forming thier convictions. If young children watch violent tv shows or play violent video games, They will be far more likely to act in a violent manner around other people. When they grow older, They may grow out of it, But perhaps not. They will most likely be the bullies in school, Or at the playground, Because of the sadistic humour they are exposed to in fortnite when they are young.

  • Leave our game alone.

    I've played Fortnite since September 2017, Long before the kids ruined it. Fortnite was a fun game that I'd be able to just hop on with a couple mates and have a good bit of fun. In 2018 though, That changed. All the kids started playing it only because it became popular. It was now overrun with squeakers who filled the games community. Fortnite has never been the same since and the community is cringeworthy at best. I long for the day that kids no longer play the game, And it returns to its former glory.

  • The addiction is coming

    Children are getting way too addicted to fortnite ajf fdjd d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d dd d d d dd dd d

  • I say no more fortnite

    Because kids use dangerous weapons and after there done playing fortnite they start becoming violent and one day there going to pick up a dangerous weapon and when they do its because all of the video games they were playing in the past they will also now how to use it which is bad when you see a dangerous weapon leave it alone you have no bisness going or touching it

  • Fortnite is a horrible game for kids and even most adults.

    Fortnite is the worst game. The owners even steal some of the kids that play. Even though it doesn't have blood it still has killing and then when you kill a person you do a victory dance for killing the person. It is just so bad for most kids through out the world.

  • Killing stuff Lol

    It is a dumb game kids shouldn't play it, So I say no to this game. I would not let my kids play it. Please agree to this comment at school kids talk about it all the time. SO DO NOT LET YOUR KIDS PLAY FORTNITE AT ALL! LOL

  • Killing is in it

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