• Not bad at all

    Like the other people were saying, campaign is the thing to stay away from because if the sex, drugs, etc. but online is what most people play anyway and its great fun, racing cars, owning a company, and all in all just having fun. People are saying its making people want to be in gangs and killing people, when in all honesty, its a virtual world. The game is meant for people to have fun and not be completely idolized by the people in the game

  • Mature children should be able to play Grand Theft Auto

    A lot of parents say that GTA 5 is "too inappropriate" for kids. But if your child understands the content in the game they should be allowed it
    Violence is mostly optional in GTA online and it isn't very gory or scary compared to other games etc The Madden NFL series. In NFL, they brutally tackle each other and get major injuries. I read that most NFL players have brain damage. Do you think GTA 5 is any scarier than that? No!
    Sex is also optional. Parents complained about a mod called "Hot Coffee" where your player can have sex. Think about it. It's a mod. It isn't actual game content and it's comical.
    Drugs and Smoking is once again optional. Even if you chose to do it they aren't saying you should smoke marijuana and go drunk driving. They are saying that it is dangerous and think about what you do.
    Overall, GTA 5 is great and parents should be happy to let mature kids 11 years and older play it.

  • Not That Bad

    GTA 5 is not as bad as people think. The campaign mode of the game includes drugs, sex, etc. Whereas, the online mode is much more fun and has no bad content whatsoever apart from the violence which is optional. I definitely think that kids should be allowed to play this game if they are only going to play the online mode with their friends.

  • Why not? Like really parents

    I know there is bad stuff but you don't have to to the bad stuff you can do stunts and go on trains i mean whats the big deal i think your kid should be able to if they are 9 or older oh and its super fun and if you say no your kid is going to watch videos about and want it more so just get it for them.

  • Its not that bad

    Cod or battlefield is just as bad the clubs are optional and if your kid went in the club it'll show in the menu and when you kill a person theres a little pool of blood but in cod theres way more blood so why not if you kid is 9 or older they should be able to

  • Wow everyone else on YES, has 0 proper reasons

    I say yes because it is suitable for kids who are mature with it.. Although being intended for an older audience. Plus if you're not easily offended or one of the Jesus freaks who said "it's against god" then it's your game to play! (My Opinion, By the way..) Thanks ;)

  • Amazing experience everyone should play

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  • If fifa don't turn you in a soccer player, Gta wont turn u in a bad person


  • Yes they should

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  • Yeas they should

    It lets kids learn about bad people and see what they do so the kids won't go and do the bd things because they now the consequences.
    I have to admit the langage is pretty bad but all you have to do is mute the telivition and then the game is not that bad

  • Kids should not play gta

    Because it is inappropriate for children so kids should not play gta it has a inappropriate scene in the story mode so i think kids should not be playing any kind of gta it has a bounch of cuss words and inappropriate for any person unless if an adoult so say no to gta.

  • No kids should not play gta

    Lots of cussing and striping. To much gang violence and killing involved. People wonder why there is too much killing in the world but they still play this game. This game is probably encouraging people to be in gangs and kill people. It's not a game for kids. But if your parents let you play then that's there decision. But my opinion is no!!😡😱😲🤔

  • Way to violent

    Kids think that it is ok to run over innocent people, murder, and steal cars. Yet it seems ok for kids to learn that that is ok. Or immature parents would let their child play such a violent video game. But at the same time, it helps kids release their stress by murdering people and stealing cars and such. So, yes. Kid should not be allowed to play GTA5. Any of them ,really.

  • ESRB Rating and Maturity

    No, it is a very violent game and can cause unconscious children to have the things the game does as well. There is ESRB for a reason, by permission at stores any clerk will be certified to keep in track of the age the youngsters are and how much they can handle themselves. I am not allowed to play it because it is against God and I don't want to go to Hell.

  • NO!!!!!!!!!! Its bad

    I don't agree with parents that let their children that are not mature play GTA because it contains a lot of pornographic stuff. Kids under 10 play GTA and all they talk about is girls getting naked and going to the strip clubs they also have bad violence in the game (GTA) ...

  • There is a reason the ESRB rated it M.

    Kids should not be playing games that directly influence their behavior. Many children are far too impressionable to play something as violent and grotesque as GTA. Unfortunately parents don't wish to fight with their kids and so allow them to do whatever they want. Plus...SQUEAKERS ARE ANNOYING AS CRAP, MAN.

  • No, kids should not play Grand Theft Auto 5.

    Grand Theft Auto 5 is a very brutal and gruesome game. There is an extreme amount of violence and acts where people are breaking the law. This is not a healthy game for children to play at all. This is why I do not think that kids should be allowed to play Grand Theft Auto 5.

  • Oh my gosh

    Okay, people ask this question a lot, generally about video games itself and I would like to say no, because video games overall, was meant for an older crowd. Me, I'm only 19 and I've loved video games since I was a kid. I don't play as much anymore. But growing up I see a lot of the younger kids that play take the game the wrong way. Not only was video games meant for an older crowd but it was and still is a source of happiness. Playing games was only meant to entertain, now a days, it's about who has the best game or what game is gay or who can snipe the best. This is just my stand point and how I see it. And no, I don't think that kids should be playing GTA5. Yet again, they take it the wrong way.

    Posted by: kthx

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