• Minecraft is good

    In Minecraft, People increase their math skill be asking themselves, if I need to craft 36 sticks, how many wooden planks will I need?
    Minecraft can also increase people's social skills by playing on servers with others.
    The truth is that minecraft is a sandbox game, which can increase your creativity.

  • I play minecraft

    I am a fourteen fear old and I play minecraft, AND modded minecraft. If your kid wants unharmful mods download technic launcher, its a separate app so no corrupting vanilla. Also, if your kid is getting harrassed by someone on a server, google minecraft clean server there will be IP's for like a million servers were people that swear are banned, and if someone does cussing the chat tell your kid to hit f3 and T i think and the chat is wiped from there screen. And the nether is meant to be challenge, noone I have ever met thought it was hellish, also there is no world above the normal world so there is nothing resembling heaven. I play on xbox360 and pc. It is educational and it is actually being used in NASA and engineering. All of the anti-minecrafters( nad no offense, I've read what your saying) have no idea what you are talking about. Also building a houses is another way of mathmatics if your house is 14 by 3 blocks it will look bad but if it is 7 by 6 it will look good, I put a lot of work into my houses including math, and that is why I am a great mathamatition. I think I have covered everything people have said on the no side. Just ask questions in the comments if you dont get something

  • People are stupid

    Okay for all you people out there saying that Minecraft is a bad game, just try it first before judging. Also the person that said that only 13+ should play video games, there is this thing that all video games have, it is called a ESRB rating. It tells you if the game is appropriate for your age and what the game contains.

  • It make your life creative

    Minecraft craft has expanded so many mines from surviving to making the coolest house. Minecraft will help kids create house for when they are older and have fun at the sometime. Most girls don't play minecraft because they think its for boys but over 78% of my friends play minecrat and they are all girls.

  • Yes. No doubt.

    For the guy who said it is similar to the 'occult'. Are you dumb lol. The Nether is NEVER RELATED TO SATAN. It is just a harder dimension of the overworld, like the End. Raging is all part of a game. Kids have to learn how to deal it, as it is real life. You cannot expect life to be smooth and easy forever. Minecraft can prepare you for the ups and downs in life. Also, if you are complaining about obsession, you should be discussing whether kids should play games AT ALL. Last point, not ALL youtubers make it seem easy. There are tutorials and guides for a reasons. By the way, if you are thinking about posting a no, look at the scores :3

  • Its on xbox

    This game is a kids game and its on xbox and xbox is a childish programming but if you are really about those monsters in the game just turn it to peaceful and its really easy! There are 2 ways. 1- start a new game and put it on peaceful, 2-goto options and then put it on peaceful

  • Yes, Kids Should Infact Be Encouraged to Play Minecraft!

    Minecraft let's kids freely express ideas, much like art.
    Unlike art though it "seems" 3D. Also it can be put on Survival mode or Creative. In Survival they have to work on getting materials to build with and when completed helps there Self-Esteem. So Yes, Infact, Let Kids Play Minecraft!

  • Yes it totally is!

    Mine graft is a place were kids who like to build things and play video games. In mine craft kids can build things that they couldn't build in real life. Also mine craft gives kids something to talk about with friends at school, in sense you could say it helps them fit in! :)

  • Yes it totally is!!!!!

    Mine craft is great for kids that like to use their imaginations and play video games. Mine craft is a place were kids can let their minds run free and build things that they couldn't build in real life. Also, it gives kids something to talk about with friends at school! :)

  • Increases creativity e

    Make people more creative and increase math skills which can also teach patients and lessons.And it is also fun and a fun way to learn and the multiplayer servers r good way to make friends.I think minecraft is an edcational game and must be used in classroom to help people learn the fun and educationlal way.

  • Minecraft is silly

    Some say that Minecraft is creative and all, and that it encourages learning, but it is silly in many ways. There are monsters that distract and frustrate you in the game, and that explode just to destroy your highly mathematical creation. You are also always fighting for your survival with hunger. Myths are even created for Minecraft; Herobrine is a non player controlled figure that haunts and tortures the player. Minecraft is more of a distraction than a learning tool.

  • Way too addicting for kids

    Minecraft is a very open world with near-limitless opportunities, which is exactly one of the reasons for them to not play it. It's too addicting. My little sister used to talk to me all the time, now all she does is get sexually harassed on Minecraft multiplayer. The Minecraft multiplayer community is filled with bratty, immature and intolerable children and moody, violent and sexually repressed teenagers. Would you want your kid in a game where every second sentence has the use of the F-bomb in it?

  • It's really racist in my opinion...

    My little cousin first got a minecraft account, then she got addicted. She went on multiplayer and many children were cussing and saying racist things. Honestly I don't want her to play but she's hooked. I hate that game with all my heart. One day she showed me and when she was playing, a naked man asked her for sex. I showed her mom and now she can only play roblox. This is not a kids game. They some type of servers for kids and adults, because this is ridiculous.

  • Occult!!!! Stay away!!

    The potions, witches, portals, zombie pig men, blocks that look like hell that have monsters inside!!!!?!!! My question is how can Christian parents let their kids play this!! These are sampling's of the OCCULT!!!!!!!!!!!!! I could go on with the list! All of these things are abomination unto the LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gaming. Is. Not. For. Kids.

    Parents wonder why their kids are cussing? BECAUSE THEY ARE PLAYING VIDEO GAMES. I think 13+ should only play video games. I hate how those little kids in online games think they are tough because they can swear. They just ruin the gaming experience for everyone else! I seriously hope Governments do something about this.

  • Terrible. Just terrible.

    Your kid will be RUINED. They will download these "mods" which will download viruses and destroy your computer. I know from personal experience. Also, when they die in-game they will get really mad and destroy their laptop, then they will ask (and beg) for a really expensive laptop and mine craft again. Also, they will go on multiplayer and literally swear and get sexually harassed. For example, once, my son was playing on some "server" called "mc-war" and then some guy asked him about his dick size. Then, my son TOLD HIM. I immediately banned him from playing mine craft. I instead got him to play battlefield. Best day of my life.

  • No!! Bad game!!

    Kids can easily become obsessed, make parents very annoyed with the constant, "Daddy, Mommy! I killed a sheepie! Were you watching? MOMMY? DADDY? WATCH ME!!!". Not to mention mods that can harm your computer, youtubers that have inappropriate content, the list goes on. I say no, although many people will disagree with me.

  • Helps kids learn

    Minecraft gives students the freedom to create, pushing their imaginations to the limit and allowing them to be creative in ways not possible in the real world. Inborn about problem-solving, the game can inspire students’ higher-level and critical thinking. Minecraft is also a very social game, where students can rely on other players for help in the sometimes-unforgiving Minecraft world. When students work together, it builds positive classroom climate, teaches the benefits of collaboration and facilitates teamwork in a way like being assigned to work together on a project. Students who might not get along in the real world can become allies in the Minecraft world.

  • Yes they should

    Minecraft is a great way to let kids imagination flow. They can build anything from small houses to mansions. As long as kids aren't playing it all the time, its great! Its a good way to relieve stress. If your life is cluttered and unorganized, its nice to see something come together without falling down. If your an explorer type person, its nice to be able to explore without worrying about money or if you will be exhausted from walking so long. Its a great way for kids to express themselves.

  • Kid's Mental Health will get ruined and many more

    When kids see Youtubers' videos of Minecraft they get excited and wanna play it as Youtubers make everything look easy. In the end they lose and rage and smash their laptops. Not to mention they act very crazy when they are talking about Minecraft. I was at some public area and i saw kids playing Minecraft. They were very happy but YELLING 'cause they are too excited. And then when they die in-game they rage. Minecraft's community will be so much better without all these little 6 yr olds playing it. These kids don't even have their premium accounts and just use the play offline glitch to play Minecraft 1.5.2 Survival.

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