• YES , Play

    Kids should be able to express themselves and have fun with sports and there is so many beneficial outcomes of playing a sport at a young age like scholarships or opportunities in life. May kids grow life long lessons from sports and personality change for the better . Kids should defiantly play sports

  • Yes they Should

    All competitive sports are fun and teach kids to work together as a team and learn how to play. Also they will have to learn by the rules. Most of all they will have fun on the field and might even take what they learned to use in their life

  • Good for people

    Good cause. Good for obese children it has many good reasons for being able to allow these kids to play sports at a young age. There is many good reasons for this to happen and many people support. There should be younger sports leagues for kids to play in with other kids.

  • Yes, some sports can accomodate young children.

    Not all sports are dangerous or too rigorous for young children. This is especially the case if you consider the word sport to encompass things other than those that are strictly competitive games. Running, jump roping and swimming can all be considered a sport. With enough care and parental supervision sports can be conducted by young children without issue.

  • Ingenuity should be kindled in young minds

    Children should not play sports, as they are a form of competition used to create a competitive urge and drive in people from a young age. Competitiveness is a tool used to create winners and losers, which creates a problem, which is that no one wants to be a loser. Then there is the white ribbon issue, where everyone is made to be winners. This is very negative as it gives the impression that in competition everyone wins. The fact is that competition yields a winner and a loser.

  • NO because ....

    They don't know what they are doing
    There bones are weak and more easy to break
    Too much pressure
    They cry to easy so when they fall it is a tantrum and a huge big FIT I hate is SOOO much that i can't take ti any more..So ya that is my opinion hope you agree BYE

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