• I don't see what's wrong.

    I know a lot of kids that play violent and other types of game and none of them act the way that the "research" says they should. They all are actually nice people compared to the "research" notes. I don't believe the topic is as looked into as we might think.

  • Depends on what kind.

    All kids can play video games, no matter what age. But not all kids can play the same rating of video games. A smaller kid should play learning games Teens should play T rated games and so on. I hope you understand now. (this is because I need more words to submit this)

  • Nope lel lel

    No more video games for kids jk of course kids should play im just doing this cause i can lel le lekhvifiy khffkg tfyc m yfyv i i ig uig u u uh uh hu uh u hu u u bgr uhrgu r u uhb b o g h o ohi eoh

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