• I do belive kids should read banned books

    The reason I think this is its good for them to experience books that might be banned and no they will not turn out to be bad kids because they read a banned book. Me personally I've read plenty of banned books that I didn't even know where banned. And I've turned out alright I'm a junior in high school doing college level English classes all because I worked hard to get where I am at and partly because of the books I've read so please don't take books away because you're offended by something in the book.

  • Kids should read banned books to find out about things in a fake situation before it happens in real life

    If a kid reads a book and finds out or reads a curse word before he hears it he can consult an adult about it first before saying it so they know not to. The same goes with sex kids should here about it from a book and consult a parent rather than here it in school and getting false views about it.

  • Banned books are a form of censorship!

    Why should we hold our children back from reading? Even if some books contradict your lifestyle or beliefs, children need a well rounded world view. Having said that, it is ultimately the parents' decision. If they feel that their child is too young to be reading some books, that's fine, but children should simply be encouraged to READ!

  • It Improves Their Developing Mind

    When you see a banned book, the main reason why it is banned is because it contains a bad word or a controversial issue. However, these books also contain something most "unbanned" books do not: true literature. I mean, look at Gone With The Wind; it mentions adult scenes, but the true point of the story is that no matter what you've been through and who you are, tomorrow is a new day. Most of the banned books contain very good lessons which improve a child's developing mind. If, say a child around 10 or so was to read (or attempt to read) Gone With The Wind, they will most likely remember the meaning of the story than the add-ins. As I once told a friend of mine, "Reading a book is like watching a TV series...It is slow at first, but eventually picks up speed and, before you know it, you're enveloped in that story--you feel what the characters feel, you can imagine what the character has been through, and if the character dies, you feel a sudden sense of remorse, but you know that the character is just a pawn in the story's effort to get a point across.

  • Have you seen what books are banned?

    Harry Potter, Gone with the Wind, The Great Gatsby, and Where the Wild Things Are
    These are all titles of books that are supposedly "banned." But they're sold at bookstores and can be checked out at libraries almost anywhere in the U.S.A. According to the ALA, books are banned for containing difficult information and ideas. I think it is unfair to keep some of the best pieces of literature out there from children and teens. Banned books usually pose an important, intelligent question, like A Wrinkle in Time. I think that children should have the freedom to read whatever they want; reading is reading!

  • Its Not Good For Their Mentality

    Kids Shouldn't read such books because kids are innocent and they should stay away from all this . There is a certain age for everything and if they read such things which kids should not know about then they will try to do such things , which will cause more trouble.

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