Should kids shows include openly gay characters?

Asked by: MasturDbtor
  • Yes they should.

    There is no logic-based reason why LGBT characters should be excluded from children's programs. Again, as I have witnessed from the opposing side, they have no real arguments. Nothing even worth considering, because they are full of lies, bigotry and religious propaganda, nothing relevant. It's truly pathetic on their part, but that's why they are losing, not everyone is dumb enough to take them seriously.

  • Sure why not?

    Would help thin out intolerance in the younger generation.
    Not the mention, a bit more variety. Why not include openly gay?
    It does not make other people gay. However it can make people Bi-Curious, because everyone gets curious.

    But onward, why not? I do not see any negatives in this.

  • Why wouldn't they?

    In this day and age homosexuality, bisexuality and others isn't a crime. It is open for everyone and everyone knows it. People say that they "corrupt children's minds into thinking they should be gay because their favourite character is gay". That's not true. This is anew day and age and people need to accept that openly gay characters should be shown to children to show them that it's okay to be gay.

  • Yes they should

    If kids shows had gay characters it would allow kids to know about it.
    Being gay or lesbian is'nt bad, and if kids knew about it they would'nt judge if they gay/lesbian, so if you are gay/lesbian you feel more comfortable in class. Gay/lesbian's arent any different then anyone. Boys can marry boys if they want, and girls can girls can marry girls.

  • As a child

    I grew up thinking and being told that being gay was a socially unacceptable thing; but from the time I entered 3rd grade I knew I was gay, I'd just wish that there were more things saying being gay wasn't a bad thing, such as seeing it on cartoons or shows.

  • Let kids know it's OK to be gay

    Kids should know that just as sometimes boys like girls and girls like boys sometimes boys like boys and girls like girls. And that it's OK. Then maybe kids won't unthinkingly say antigay slurs all the time. And the kids who turn out to be gay won't have to struggle so much with accepting it and their friends will be less likely to reject them.

  • Yes, with caveat.

    Showing, say, a married homosexual couple, or married bisexual couple, or married heterosexual couple, or etc., is fine. And showing diverse couples (think not just gay, but biracial, or asexual, or unmarried, etc.) will help reduce intolerance, which hurts rational decisionmaking and those who are discriminated against. Showing sexuality of ANY stripe to kids, however, is somewhat questionable.

  • What's wrong with that?

    So many kids' shows feature heterosexual characters interested interested in the opposite gender, so why not homosexual characters? It's not like we're forcing them to make all the characters homosexual, just 1 or 2. Considering how many characters who are heterosexual it won't change much. There's nothing wrong with that.

  • Sure, why not?

    Kids shows are learning tools to kids; be it about imagination or about society.
    It would be illogical to filter out gay community from the show, because in reality, it's just right there across the street, outside on the road, or even in your own house but you had no idea.

  • It would be awesome

    Cartoons wouldn't be as vanilla as they currently are. It would also be wonderful because it would show kids that gays are okay. Why not include some gay characters or some :GBTQIA+ characters. Theres still some dumb alienation when ever people find out im gay. Equality Is and SHOULD be important to everyone.

  • I have noticed a common trend.

    I grew up in the late 70's early 80's when the few gay people out there tended to keep quiet about it because they knew how people would react if they found out. You never had anything in the news or TV about anyone being gay. Sure, you had heard certain performers or designers where gay but that was just gossip. To the best of my knowledge, nobody I went to school with was gay. That would be 0% of about 1,000 kids. Then came the AIDS bit in the early 80's when celebrities rallied around the gay community because they were one of the hardest hit. Celebrities tend to flock to anything that will keep their face in front of the camera. Next thing you knew, every time you seen a celebrity, you saw them with gay people. Today, there are many characters on TV shows and movies that are gay. Some shows and movies are centered around gay people.
    If homosexuality was something a person is born with, then any media about it would have no effect on the percentage of population that identifies with it. After all, the media does not alter your DNA.
    Here is the problem though. They did a gallop poll on October 18, 2012, asking people "Do you, personally, identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender?"
    18 to 29 6.4% said yes
    30 to 49 3.2% said yes
    50 to 64 2.6% said yes
    65+ 1.9% said yes
    Clearly, the more media coverage had an effect on the % of people who say they are. The more positive the media is about it, the more the percentage grows. Clearly, the media has had more of an effect on becoming gay than genetics.
    If you want your kids to watch gay characters, go ahead, just don't expect grandchildren down the road.

  • Here's the truth...

    Homosexual behavior is abnormal. It doesn't matter what arguments you use to justify it. Some would argue that it's genetic. That they were born that way. There is no evidence to support this. These perverts want to put it in children's shows, in order to indoctrinate them. It doesn't belong there. LEAVE OUR KIDS ALONE!

  • Kids can not comprehend the truth and the wrong

    Kids are not capable of seperating the right and the wrong. Being gay is against the nature and abnormal. Of course, I respect people who are gay and defend their rights, but showing little kids the abnormal rather than the normal would cause the gay population to increase as the idea of being gay becomes more normal.

  • No, they should not.

    There has been enough of this homosexual crap on the news and across politics. Legalization of gay marriage is ruining our nation, and spreading this unnatural, and wrong behavior and practice to kids will further the damage being done. Keep the minds of the kids healthy and clean, and show them the normal way of life and marriage: Straight, between a man and a woman. Let the gays have their own TV channel where they can watch gay TV themselves, but keep it away from the general public.
    TV shows should not include characters that are openly homosexual.

  • If you believe homosexuality is okay you don't know what the Bible teaches or you don't believe in God.

    You have 2 choices: Evolution or God. There is no evidence supporting evolution but evidence proving God exists is everywhere. The Bible is explicitly clear on homosexual behavior. He will bring it to an end. The problem is most religions have taught to hate the individuals whereas Christ taught to hate only the act.

  • Controversial topics need to stay out of kids shows.

    If being Gay was a social norm accepted by the general public, than sure... But it's not. It's a very controversial topic that half the population is still against. Kid shows need to respect that and leave that kind of stuff out. Religion, gay marriage, drugs... Things like that need to stay out unless the series is specialized for that.

    It's not about rather you think it SHOULDN'T be controversial, but rather is IS controversial, and homosexuality is controversial. If you want your child to know more about it, you should personally teach them, instead of solving the topic into a kids show.

  • I support gay rights

    I support gay rights, but children shows don't talk about straight people so why should they talk about gay people? Why cant they just be people in the show, and not gay or straight? Why does stuff like that even matter for cartoons? This is an example about the inequality for straight people these days.

  • It is wrong

    I dont have anything against gay's but childrens needs to learn the normal thing of the nature not the oppisite and pretend its somthing normal , cuz bieng a gay is never normal , That's not how life work , its a man and woman love each other and make childrens , why u need to tell them its okay to get married to a man , jesus people wake up , u dont care about homos , ur life ur choice , but dont tell me childrens its OK and show it to them , its not that complicated is it ?

  • It will make more gays as kids will grow up thinking being gay is the right thing to do.

    When gay marriage is legal the amount of gays increases as more people on the edge take the leap. Gays don't have children so this damages the already low birthrates, the only reason the (white) american population increases is due to immigrants from other white countries. Do you really want a nation wide population decline, do you really want to have no grand children as all your kids grew up thinking being gay is good and chose to be gay? I hope to god you don't because if that is true then this nation is farther gone that I thought.

  • Kids need to focus on being kids.

    Don't confuse kids. Keep things simple and let them be children. When they are old enough to understand sex have the talk at home. TV should entertain not teach an agenda or message that is for adults. Parents will teach their kids the more complex issues in life. It's ok to be gay but it's not normal and it's too complicated to let a TV show push their view point onto little kids.

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daem0n says2015-05-18T00:04:16.703
Poorly worded question. I cannot tell if it means "it is *okay* to include openly gay character" or "writers *should* include token gays." (My answer: yes and no.)
daem0n says2015-05-18T00:05:08.500
Also, Rainbow Dash is not openly gay!