• Yes of course!

    Guys kids on top of 10 years should go in the front of the car because they are responsible! We adults, Have to trust them! If they wear seatbelts and seat in a proper position of course they should! . . . . . . . . . . .

  • Back-seat Lack Of Technology

    A Neuroscience Research Australia study found that front seats have far outstripped back seats in terms of developing safety features over the last few decades.

    "We could save more lives and prevent more injuries if we paid the same attention to the rear seat of cars as we have to the front seat," says UNSW Associate Professor Lynne Bilston.

    NRMA stated that, "We really need to push vehicle manufacturers to add these already-existing technologies to the back seats. One in five injured wehicle occupants admitted to HOSPITAL where sitting in a rear seat and they should be affordrd toe same life-saving technology."

  • Kids In Back Only

    The laws requiring children to sit in the back seat have been mandated for a reason. With the advent of airbags and a more through knowledge of car wrecks, experts have determined that children are far more likely to die in a crash if they are seated in the front. Therefore I believe there is no reason why a parent should want to allow their child to sit in the front seat.

  • Front Seat for Adults

    I don't think that kids should sit in the front seat in a motor vehicle. My reasoning is that the front seat is designed for an adult passenger for safety purposes. As such, safety features such as an air bag may not save child passengers. Also, fatalities occur with the highest frequency in the front passenger seat.

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