• Libraries Are a Place of Learning

    Libraries are repositories of the world's knowledge. The difference between a school and a library is that at the library, a child gets to choose which knowledge to explore and that doesn't happen at a school. The library offers children a chance to become self-educated about the things they care about. All adults need to know how to be life long learners and libraries support that goal. Therefore, young people should spend more time at the library.

  • It All Begins in a Good Book

    There are so many lessons that can be taught through reading that just can not be taught any other way. We can get a story through a movie or a TV show, but when you read a book you engage and touch a part of your mind that begins imagining and thinking for itself like it does at no other time. Kids need to learn to think for themselves and imagine possibilities. Visiting a library allows them to travel to different works or different times in history. It allows them to confront different emotions and situation and to see through the eyes of another like no other media does. Worlds begin to unfold when you open a book.

  • Treasure Trove of Books

    Libraries offer a treasure trove of reading material. Plus hanging out in libraries keeps kids off the streets. More reading means a better overall education which means more money later in life. Hanging out at the library is more than just books as well--there are activities, videos, book talks, crafts, and some places even let kids play video games!

  • Yes, it's communal learning.

    It is just great that young children can access information and learn how to read earlier using their tablets and computers. However, a library is an age old repository of knowledge and it includes digital technology these days. There is nothing like going there and handling real books and feeling part of the information process with others.

  • They really do not need to

    I mean, I guess they could if parents think that is going to help them more. Either that, or parents do not have the Internet. Kids can pretty much find anything they want online that pertains to their school work. They could find some books for school though. That is up to the teacher, if they want kids to read certain books.

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