Should kids textbooks be replaced by computers?

Asked by: debaterz45
  • Faster to find info

    If a child is doing a big research project and they have time to do it at school, why not just use a computer to look for the info online other than waiting to get home and do it there, plus, it save a lot of time and it also gives children the opportunity to work on their project immediately (that it what they did at my school last year)

  • Computers work well but I value the perspective.

    Having worked for a school and planned out the gradual slope towards electronic books in applicable class settings I know a few of the advantages.

    They are more affordable
    They are easier to keep text up to date (affordable)
    They take up less space
    They can be water proof
    They use less trees
    They are lighter
    They (should) have efficient navigation and search functions
    They allow more control, if necessary, for the teacher

    Negatively, they are also
    Require maintenance
    Require training
    Require a failsafe financial backing (warranty etc..)

    We really don't need books this day in age, but the fact of the matter is that a lot of people still prefer them, and so I encourage people to learn via textbook and old fashioned library searches just for the perspective. After all, there is a lot of good stuff out there you won't find on the internet, and the library is still one of the best systems for finding and sampling literature in my opinion, although maybe I'm just falling behind.

    Bottom line, kids in this generation pick up internet searching naturally. We need to equip them with as many tools as possible, and so I encourage the further use of text books.

  • Textbooks can't be replaced by laptop

    I disagree that textbooks should be replaced by computers. When children are studying, more than 50% of children will be more concentrated on their work if they're writing on textbooks. Furthermore, children will be distracted with personalising there background.

    Moreover, if children are researching, it would be better for them to learn the technique of recording information on paper. In addition, it will be hard carrying computers around.

    Many family will struggle to afford computers. In summary, I agree that the textbooks should not be replaced by laptops. The benefit from this action is that everyone afford it.

  • Amazing but in better conditions

    It very hard to trust children in using computer.As all know that some web they are worthy of information but they include some bad images which children must not see them at all.I may sort of agree with use if there is a children Google. I still believe if it will in some says in future. It will accompanies by advertisements for fast food for example.Which may create others problem such as deterioration in the health.This enviable will affect in child brain growth.

    In addition using book encourage a child to use a reliable resources in finding information.
    That also will stop them to face internet addition especially in e-games.
    What of sma family do not have Internet because of lack of money.
    In addition.Book save children eyes in better condition rather than computer.
    In fact some ideas in our life seem wonderful. But as soon as we apply them. We destroy our life by our hands.

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