Should kids under 10 be able to have a class president and student council?

  • Class presidents are good

    I think that schools should have class presidents because kids would learn responsibility . They 'd be good help the teacher because they would / could rap up all the jobs . They could help teachers by helping with teaching and they could help kids that have trouble and with organizing

  • Student Council Presidents

    Kids should have class presidents and student council under the age of 10. The sooner that kids began to take on responsibility acting as an adults, the more responsible they become. It is important for kids to be independent. One way of getting the state of responsibility is group meetings.

  • No, kids under 10 aren't old enough to have a class president and student council.

    I believe that kids under 10 should not be able to have a class president and student council. They are not mature enough to understand the leadership characteristics that are needed to hold those positions. It would be meaningless to them to have those roles at such a young age. Save those positions for when kids are older and can truly understand the responsibilities that go with those jobs.

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