Should kids under 13 be allowed to go to parties until 3?

Asked by: miguelbol2020
  • No, They Shouldn't

    First of all, I would argue that 99.9% of 13 year olds are not mature, despite what they would like to think. I would say that 18 is a fair age for young men/women to be allowed out after 10. The earliest age I would see any merit in teenagers going out is the age of 16, but I don't really see why there is any real point in going out before 18, as this is when you cease to be a minor and can be held accountable legally.

  • Kids should be asleep at 3AM

    Childhood is not a party preparing you to fail as an adult. Childhood is a time to be shaped and molded into a responsible person and instilled with values like SELF discipline and SELFLESSNESS. They also have this little thing called ... School. This is where, whether they like it or not, they are given the skills set to prepare them to be functional and SUCCESSFUL adults. There are plenty of things that kids can do for fun without staying up to be 'cool'. When they have a job ten years later, and that 'cool' kid is on welfare ...

  • The age is different from the maturity level

    If the 13 yr olds are responsible and mature I think yes but not unil 3because here in california the curfew for minors is 10:00 unless they are with an adult 21 and up then they can be out. If they are not responsible or mature then I would say definetly not

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