Should kids under 13 get social media not meant for kids under 13?

  • Yes they should

    Yes I think that we should have to allow children under 13 to be allowed on social media ok and they should have to allow children under the age of 13 to be allowed on social media ok and they should have to allow children under 13 to be allowed on social media

  • Social Media is a way to allow people, Children or adults, To express themselves.

    Although social media has its disadvantages, There are its advantages such as the fact that it gives children the ability to socialize and grows their confidence. Having social media allows children to interact with their peers and see how they’re getting on outside of school. This may encourage the child to also try to pick up new skills in the same way their peers are. More shy children could direct message their friends so that nobody would interrupt them when they are having a conversation, This would build up the shy child’s confidence and be able to be around more people. I suggest that children are allowed to use social media, However, With the supervision of an adult. There can be times when things may get out of hand so if you decide to have your child use social media, Monitor their activity to keep them safe.

  • No no no bad

    They might say the n word and get cancelled later in life when they try to go to college or get a job. Social media is also a toxic environment that's not kid friendly at all. There are also predators on every social media that want these young dumb kids to give out their information. Social media should be for older teens and adults

  • How does it help

    Children are children. They need to run around, Play ball or play with friends. Social media restricts all of this because it has everything at the tap of a button. At times social media can even control a person's life. Also, This immediate response is not as good as it can sometimes even cause ADHD. Along with that they get restless and need everything the moment they want anything. They cannot wait.

  • Why would they need it?

    There is social media meant for kids under 13( ie. Messenger kids. ) These parents are legally lying about their ages. On Instagram, People have the right to shut down their accounts if they see that the kid is under 13. Yes, Kids have it but kids have better things they could be spending their time on than social media.

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