• Yes it is but

    When your under 14 and your dating than most likely chance the relation ship will not go that long I have two girlfriends and I am Olay 11 years and plus I'm going in to middle school so I might meet lots of girls in middle school that I like

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  • They should but...

    I think children should be able to date at whatever age they wish. But personally I think it all depends on the maturity of the child. For example a 12 year old that acts mature fore their age should be trusted with a relationship. I think the child must also know how to maintain a healthy relationship and the do's and don'ts of having one.

  • What constitutes as a date?

    I ask this, because as far as I'm concerned, a date consists of two people who mutually like each other going somewhere or doing something enjoyable, normally by themselves. If someone under 14 and another person mutually like each other, then why shouldn't they be allowed to express that like?

  • Yeah... Absolutely NOT

    Kids under 14 should not be able to date. It is not healthy for them. Their parents will get so mad and upset. It is just not okay. The kids may end up getting married. Not okay. '_' '_' '_' '_' '_' Yeah... You all should agree with me, if you say yes, then whatever...

  • Fuck Shit Bastard

    Fuuuuuuh ueien irn Keene now n. R. R. E s. R r r r e e. R t r. E r R. G. T. E I. R. T. T T. R. R e e. R e. E t t. T. R r W t. T. R. E e. S r T t. E. E r t. R d. R

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