• Why can't we have jobs?

    I think kids should have jobs so they can save up for college or buy school supplies. Parents, if your kids keep asking for toys and video games, let them get a job! How many times has your kid(s) asked for a toy or video game and how much money has he/she spent off of you. And kids, even if you don't want a job, vote yes for the kids who do want a job, you don't have to get one. Thank you and vote yes!

  • This will help kids especially parents. DO READ!

    Kids should have jobs so they can be able to save up for college or buy school supplies. Parents, you should vote yes because no one will ask you if they could get video games or toys! Think about how many times your kid(s) asked for a toy and how much money they spent off you! And kids please support this because you don't have to get a job, but vote yes for the kids that do want a job.

  • Telling kids they can't work is like telling women they can't own property. It's discrimination at its worst: fully and widely accepted.

    Kids are told all the time that they can't. I haven't met or heard of a single government official that addresses the fact that children are regarded as property. Automatically, their rights can be taken away from officials that traditionally did not earn the right to govern their child's life, they gained it by producing said child. As long as they do not break the federal laws on child abuse and mistreatment, they can treat their child as horribly as they please. Children can be emotionally bullied at home, they can be taken away from activities and causes that they are incredibly passionate about all because they are not given the rights and are held as highly as normal citizens over the age of 18. Age should not dictate abilities, because as much as the government would like to deny it, there are kids at the age of nine that could live on their own, given the ability to sign contracts and get a job. Children have an incredible amount of potential that is capped by the sole fact that they are not employed, and that is not by their own faults. It is by the mindless, outdated decision of the government made so extreme to please people against child labor and never looked at again because the only people that speak out against it are children, and children apparently do not possess a voice, and neither does property.

  • I would love a job.

    I think that kids should have jobs because I am a 12 year-old and already know a thing or two about money and how to spend it. Heck, I am even better than my parents at working with money. I think kids in double digits should at least be able to work a cash register because most of the time their not even working with real money, but credit cards.

  • We are just as responsible as you.

    Kids need school I'll give you that, but what do they do at the weekend, play computer, go out and cause trouble? Why don't you let them go to work at the weekend and let them get a taste of what the real working world is like? Let them earn their own money to buy their own stuff, kids are just as responsible as adults and we should be treated the same as adults, if we want to work that's are choice!

  • With a parent or guardians consent why not!

    Adults on here saying no, remember when you were a kid you didn't have a way of earnin money well it was very frustrating wasn't it? It is also frustrating for us. With a parent or guardians permission and limited hours it wouldn't be that bad. They'd still be able to go to school and learn and you would be the one deciding if they would work or not. Why not even throw in applications for us so even if our parents say yes we still have to experience what you guys have to experience and have to see if we're right for the job.

    10 year old Male

  • Yes we should!

    Kids want to be free, Parents want kids to be responsible and make their own decisions. If we don't have a job, We don't exactly know how to act in the real world. We don't even know responsibility! I do think that kids WANT and NEED a job to help support their family or to save up for a later usage.

  • Why can't we

    I think kids under the age 14 should be able to work. I am 11 years old and i think kids should have the same advantage as adults who have jobs. We need money to and, if we did have jobs we would not go up to our parents and ask for money. Do not care if is a part time job after school or on the weekend on my free time. I want a job.

  • More pros than any cons

    All of the reasons so far have been about school and age well age doesn't matter but school does. So why don't they just work on the weekend part time for like 3 hours. Any ways no one should care if a 13 to 14 year old works at i don't know McDonalds and gives you your burger and takes your order why should you care they could be saving for their later life its not life to order around so don't worry about it.

  • It gives kids a chance to earn mooney

    The people who mifht disagree are wrong it is great for kids to have jobs because it teaches responsibility and good work ethic. Shame on you for thinking you shouldnt be able to. What if someone told you you couldnt work? Would you be happy that you wont have the chance to earn more money

  • They should go to school, work is not for kids!

    Children, being immature and young, do not know how to protect themselves or even know their employment rights at the workplace. They risk exploitation by the boss, customer or their older colleagues who may take advantage of them sexaully. They should just stay in school to study for their better future, and not start working before they are 14.

  • No because school > xbawk

    Kids need to focus on school, not saving up for the new xbawk. There is a reason you need to go through several things before you can work as minor. Also an employer could easily abuse and use the kids as they do not know what they are doing and, well, they don't know any better. They have only been on this earth for at least 14 years.

    Posted by: RO17
  • More Cons Than Pros

    There are a lot of reasons kids shouldn't work and I will name a few.
    -School should be children's first priority
    -With the money they earn, most will buy unimportant things, like video games
    -Kids schedules are already packed to the brim
    -It will become a circle of uneducated and poor people.
    -It takes jobs away from adults, who may need them more than the child does.
    -hurts kids chances for success.
    I rest my case.

  • Kids shouldn't work at the age of 12.

    I believe that kids should not work at the age of twelve and up. Kids need to have good schooling so they can go to college and get a good job. When most kids earn money, what is the first thing they want to spend it on? I am a kid so I know that we would spend it on toys, video games, and other stupid things that we do not need. Will that help is go to college?

  • Prepare kids ,responsibility,earn money

    Kids having jobs will benefit kids. First, kids need to be prepared for the adult world of jobs and experience work. Second, jobs give kids responsibility and test them if they can handle the job. It will also improve their behavior. Third, kids can earn money and practice to use it wisely on things they enjoy. Therefor, kids should have jobs.

  • Waste of time

    WASTE OF TIME! Children will be used for cheap labour and will be misused which is not good for them and they will look at life ina different way yea a a a anot good peeps very bad bad bad bad and and and DN’s sjdj Sid’s s ss sms s

  • I don't think they should.

    As someone whose parents forced to work more than 10 hours per week, I don't agree. A kid that age is still very immature and should be working on school, and it has been proved that kid who works ends up getting lower grades plus don't get any advantage compared to kids who don't, also I had pretty bad experiences with adults in the workplace mistreating me and using me because I couldn't say no to them + some were verbally aggressive too. It's just not good for a kid, now, I do agree that they should help with some house chores like washing dishes, etc and maybe getting paid, that makes them more responsible.

  • 14 is a good age

    At the age of 13 most kids are not mature enough. 14 is the age where you start wanting more expensive things and our parents don't want to pay for us if its not necessary. That is the reason that we should not have a job till the age of 14.

  • I do not think that kids under 14 should be able to have ajob

    Kids belong in school not in an environment of independence and exploitation of older fellow employees. Also for adults : can you imagine how an adult would feel if his or her boss was a kid?! Now let me elaborate on that, some jobs like babysitting or running a lemonade stand are much more acceptable jobs for an immature under aged child.

  • No jobs for adults?

    Why I think kids should not have jobs is because it take jobs from adults that need it more and then the adults would be stressed about how much money they have for there kids and the adults would be jealous about all the kids that have jobs
    that is the reasons why it would take away jobs for kids

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