Should kids under the age of 13 be allowed to vote?

  • They know more

    Kids who would vote would probably have more info on on the topic at hand than a tired middle aged man or woman. While they are young they are not stupid and should have a voice in our countrys leaders and bill/laws. Adults do and kids are just smaller adults

  • They are responsible enough to vote.

    13 year old's should be allowed to vote, since 13 year old's have the right idea of who they would want to elect, so why shouldn't kids be allowed to elect? Another point is that through elections, some thirteen year old's would find information about the candidate, so why not them have their own voice?

  • Yes they should lower the age for voting

    Because there is over million of kids that take care o of themselves and do a lot of responsibilities so if they have that responsibility then they can vote. And plus we kids are not the only ones that are immature, it's HELLO also the adults, they still make immature choices but they're more extreme, so it's just not only kids and actually we can have a right to vote because some day someone is going to change that.

    The funny thing is that they can take 10 years olds to prison for committing a crime but they can't certainly lower the voting ages. And plus probably in other schools they might have elections since they have student council which is like a practice.

  • They should be able to vote

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  • Yes they should

    Kids are more willing and have a more open mind i mean i am 11 and i really really really want to vote so please obama please let us l on l o l o l o lo l ol ol ol ol o l o l ol o l

  • Yes it Should be aloud

    They don't have to pay for taxes or bills just yet, but they already know who is in the competition at the end and who isn't. Plus, it could help kids at the age of 9 understand elections and how they are worth different points for their populations and so on. I strongly agree that children are aloud to vote.

  • No, But Teenagers Should

    Many political topics such as climate change, national security, education, can affect teens as much as adults. Since there is no requirement that adults be educated in order to vote, lack of knowledge can't be an argument. Teens often are more knowledgeable about politics than adults because they are in school right now. Yes, teens can make poor decisions, but adults do as well.

  • NO!! The voting age should be kept at 18

    You really want a world of 13 year olds voting? These kids just hit puberty & you want them to vote?? Kids under 15 are still immature they can't even drive. I remember when I was 12, Obama was running for president & I'd say about %90 of my classmates chose Obama as president simply because he's black. No No No these kids that say SWAG & YOLO & LOL cannot vote.
    Double thumbs down

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  • No they definitely shouldn't!!!

    I'm an eleven year old myself and I know that people under the age of 18 shouldn't be able to vote. They certainly know nothing about politics, so if they vote, they would vote for a stupid leader that does no good. Do you want this to happen? It should not! America would go down hill if they let people under 18 vote!

  • They shouldn't have the burden of that responsibility.

    People consider that they are being denied a privilege - determining what happens - but they are also being protected from the burden of having to think about and understand what's going on to the level of which it is necessary in order to vote.
    While some children understand some of it, most won't want to have to think about that. They are children. They shouldn't be forced to grow up. I see arguments for teenagers who are (at fifteen and sixteen) already having to make choices that will impact their lives, but never before that. Children shouldn't have to worry about the world then. Being able to vote wouldn't help them, it would burden them.

  • No, absolutely not

    A good half of the adults that vote shouldn't be because they have no idea what they're voting for we're going to fix that by putting preteens into the mix? Give me a heads up if you're planning on putting this into practice so I can move out of the country, dear lord.

  • No votting should not be lowered to 13

    I think that votting should not be lowered to 13 because at 13 u are just a teenager . Most teens havnt been though enough at 13 to have a say in big things in are community or and in are country. I also think that even at 18 u havnt been though enough but u are living at your self or if ur not ur still old enough to so u should be able to vote at 18, jusrt not at 13. At 13 u cant even have a job so why should you be able to vote .?

  • No way kids under 13 should vote!

    One reason is because kids don't really know who they are voting for and that can change the country. Kids will just vote for whoever they think will make their life better and not other lives around them. For example if one president says " I will put vending machines In every school all over the country." And another says " I will put more books in all the schools." Of course they will all vote for the first one. The right to vote is something special and should be done responsibly by responsible individuals.

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