Should Kids Under The Age Of 14 Be Allowed To Watch R Rated Movies?

Asked by: BlueTiger1124
  • A responsible child

    Perhaps not all children are meant for R-rated titles, but ultimately the rating is for the parent to determine. If the child is not easily influenced by negative stimuli, then it could prove an educational experience for the child. Same can be said for gaming- A child could learn strategy and concept from an M-rated game as long as they have the understanding of aesthetic distance.

  • Parents are responsible for their children.

    Ratings are for parents, to inform them on any questionable material. If they decide they don't find it questionable, or don't give a shit about censorship, it's fine. And frankly, with what a 14 year old has access to on the internet I think movie ratings are pretty fucking stupid and parents should just learn to communicate with their children more.

  • Nahhh Fam this jawn is not even arrd bro

    When a child watches these kind of movies, they cannot seep at night. They lay in bed thinking about the contents in the movie. Say , they watched a rated r horror movie. They probably wouldn't have been able to sleep all night. This shows that a child that is 14 years old should not watch a horror movie

  • Belief in Experts' Opinion

    With the number of movies, it would be impossible for an individual to seep through all movies before allowing a youngster to watch. Also, the human mind is designed such a way that it takes significant time for a young mind to fully develop and be able to make proper judgments and build a character.
    Hence, a panel of experts in form of censorship are expected to have learnt from their extensive research the suitability of a movie acceptable to young or provide a rating to a film.
    Now, whether they are doing their job is a separate question or whether a film should be given a particular rating is not the question here.
    With that, defining the topic as, once the experts have found with their research that a film is unsuitable for the young, should I overrule that and say, that i don't care what experts say, the child can watch this? To this I have to strongly disagree.

  • Movies Are Given Ratings For A Reason!

    If something is rated "R', it is probably for a reason. I feel like our society has gotten more used to inappropriate things. They don't view things the same way they used to. I have several friends who talk about watching R-rated movies like they are talking about their latest basketball game. It's normal. Is that a good thing? I don't think so.

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