• Yes of course

    Man, If they are above 8 years old and they have a pc it alright unless and until they cross THE LIMIT! They can study on it and they can bring there imagination to life with just that $400 machine. They can play games and lots more it's time to let our kids have a pc

  • Experience Throughout lives

    By the time children are somewhere around 9-10 they might need a computer for many reasons like homework, Learning, And creativity. A computer is something that people can use throughout their lives, So if children can get a computer at an appropriate age, They will use it more and more throughout their lives.

  • They will help them research and they can learn technology

    They help the kids do research more efficiently and get the answers faster.Next they can learn technology which will help them in future life.It could get them a job because most jobs require technology.They also give students practice and focus. You think that the computers will distract them but the new gadgets will help them focus and make learning fun

  • Kids need access to computers.

    Kids need computers. Our world is increasingly becoming computer-centered. Not giving them computers is setting them up for failure in life. The internet should also be allowed. Computers can help kids with education, and they are often a good way to socialize and find people with the same interests. There is also no concrete evidence that video games or computers change attitude or harm children's grades. The only concern is internet safety, which many parents and teachers are paranoid about. If you take the time to teach kids about the risks, they will be safe on computers. However, do NOT limit your child's time on the computer excessively or install a program or app to monitor your kid. Installing an app to limit screen time to or monitor their behavior will break all trust and the kid will always find a way to disable the program. An appropriate age to start letting kids use computers is about 7 or 8 years old. Another reason to allow this is because it will help your child in school. Almost all schools today use programs on the computer to supplement curriculum or as a part of the curriculum itself. Let your kids use computers and they will be infinitely grateful in the future.

  • Computers support children mentally

    Few children's don't get their parents' time because of their work. And the child may feel lonely. In order to keep themselves busy, they may download games, or read a story or novel using their tablet or computer. Kids may join social networking sites. That is when they choose a wrong path. To prevent it the parents should always keep an eye at the child as to what he or she is doing. In this way computers are harmless and it keeps children busy mentally.

  • Yes kids need to use computers

    As an adult many people use computers every day. Kids are the future of our world so why would we keep them away from computers? The earlier a kid learns to use a computer the better. They will be more prepared for the real world. Computers can also be very educational.

  • They can use Computers or Tablets with restricted or no access to Internet.

    It is obvious that we can find lots of good information from Internet.
    But, We must remember what Albert Einstein says about Knowledge and Information.
    “Information is not knowledge."
    "Knowledge Comes From Experience.“
    So, If kids started to search for information they may get addicted to it and fail to have experience.

  • The learning oppertunities

    Most of society today runs on the computer, and we are only improving more and more. Children in almost all schools in the us are using computers for homework, and research, because that's what they are assigned to do now a days. I do believe that there should be restrictions on what websites are appropriate or not, because there are some bad things out there, and with strong parental monitoring, the problem will be taken care of.

  • Computers are bad for our brain.

    If you read more your life will extend by 2 years. Your brain will improve when power off a screen and read a book. If you do this you will have 68% less stress. Less screens and more reading can improve your vocabulary by 50%. Reading can also improve your memory imagination and your heart. This is why kids shouldn't have computers.

  • No kids should not use computers

    Kids can get distracted and watch inappropriate things on the internet. They can also be failing some of their classes because of this reason. I know you might be thinking that you can just block a website but kids aren't that stupid they will find their ways. Anyways kids should NOT be using computers. This can even cause medical risks!

  • Yes I know

    I know technology has changed I know what year, decade and century it is. I know we don't use dial up anymore and that more people use computers nowadays. But VTech is better for young children under the age of 10. Its safer and learn more and the computers still exist.

  • In the 90s

    When internet had started but was just dial up, how many children in the 1990s had a computer or used the internet. It must've been mostly teenagers or kids about 10-12. In the 90s I had a VTech computer and I liked it, fun to play with kids who are primary (or America Elementary) school age should have VTech computers.

  • No these are hurting are youth

    These are bad if a kid has a computer he can be tacked from google.Com"Most hackers utilize so-called Trojan horse attacks, says Stiennon. You click on an attachment or download a piece of music or video infected with malware, and a hacker is able to remotely control your PC's functions. Fortunately, you can take steps to secure your webcam."

  • We are to Young

    It is obvious that we are to young and inexpedient to own our own computers. We just are goanna break it anyways.And what do the kids that dont have a computer do....... Nothing? No we are NOT NO WAY ALLOWED TO BRING OUR COMPUERS INTO SCHOOL! It is not right

  • No, Kids should not use computers.

    Kids can get out of their virtual world and talk to other people and be social, instead. They shouldn't just coop up all day with their computer. Plus, kids can be troublemakers, too, as some of them look up inappropriate stuff and illegal content. I wish they don't allow computers for kids so they will have more friends and will not be exposed to all kinds of online innuendo at such a young age.

  • No, Kids Shouldn't Use Computers

    Computers are a quick way to obtain info, but children have to learn to use books to instead as a computer may not always be on hand.
    Computers also have games which can distract children from work or study, therefore reducing their grades.
    Computers can give children health issues like eyestrain that isn't good for young children.

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