• Yes is the right answer!

    These days when kids make Powerpoints and posters on the computer they look REALLY ugly. When kids use iPads and laptops they will learn how to make better work and be smarter. You people who disagree are mentally retarded. Just use your common sense and know that using iPads will be more efficient.

  • they live longer that textbooks

    Ipads and computers last longer because text books last only one to two years because then there information will get out dated. On the other hand ipads and computers will allways have the right information because people will keep wrighting about the curent information. And it will be less expensive to keep buying new books.

  • iPads would help with their writing.

    Using an iPad could help kids learn about the keyboard and make kids write more. Students would not have to keep getting up to sharpen their pencils which distracts the teacher and students. When you make a mistake the iPad can help you with it. When people have messy handwriting, their work looks neat and is easy to read on the iPad.

  • Obviously they should

    Seriously you dumb people who disagree they should. It'll make them smarter and just make learning much more convenient. Anyone who disagrees should go see their health professional to check for mental problems. With iCloud they wont forget their books for the next day if they have a laptop. It is also much lighter and easier to carry around: it is a book in one device. Paper sucks and should have never been invented. So remember if you disagree go get a life and see a doctor.

  • Yes, children should use iPads in school

    I am going into my sophomore year. I do not learn anything from my text books when I read out of them. When I get home, I read about it online and I remember it. Kids aren't able to recite paragraphs from textbooks, but when they read it in a text message, or on a social media site, they remember the entire thing word for word. I study my Spanish, and everything using my iPad. Once I received my iPad this past Christmas, my grades actually improved. Several textbooks are old and out dated, and it is expensive to pay for new books. They are also heavy, especially when you have to carry more than one around all day. If teachers walk around the room when the iPads are being used, students wouldn't be able to misuse them. I think iPads in school is a great idea, and it will help students learn a bit easier.

  • Yes They Should

    Please argue that students will play games etc. These can be blocked easy without a by-pass. Textbooks are costly and expensive. Although this is true for devices such as iPads over 3 years the cost is about the same. But there are added advantages of using iPads. Educational applications and videos are just 2 examples of this.

  • Yes yes yes its technology and we have to get used to it and make it better

    What are these schools doing with these extra technical devices?!? Do we really want to give $500 devices to kids who can’t even tie their shoes? Well,questions of this kind go on your mind when hearing touch screen screen tablets for young students have become all the rage. Or knowing that Some districts are even buying iPads for every kindergartner. That's too much but iPads really help "students" especially from all sides and it has much more advantages than the money needed to get it and as a proof years ago their was nothing called by iPad while now after finding its advantages schools are entering this system and its really succeeding. This electronic your hesitating of will keep you away from expensive bags and save your kid's back from those heavy expensive books your defensing for.In addition to that it avoid many distractions in class.

    My first and most obvious reason to use an iPad is your kids health, since as you know that each bag now a days don't weigh less than 10 pounds in comparison that an iPad weigh 1.44 pounds which is much more less and the statistics shows that 87% of students are having backache at young ages and what is the reason u think? Its those heavy books. Some people are nagging on the price of each iPad and what it cost to install special applications. Well they probably forget the price of the stationery, books, and those ugly expensive bags. Aren't those technical electronics also known by iPads wonderful? This technology is reaching our comfort to its extreme all of this is because of our brains. Isn't that great??

    In the second stage come the avoiding of distraction in class and less noise and misunderstanding. This screen tablet ensures to deliver every little information to him since he could simply record what a teacher is saying without any annoyance, and when having a test a student can message his question to the teacher instead of disturbing whole the class by his loud voice. And also we don't have to forget the he is avoiding sharpening pencils and these things that may waste his time.

  • Yes yes yes

    iPads are a recent some-what cheap tablet computer that came out in 2010. Apple offers good education programs for schools. The weight of the textbooks in their backpacks would hurt their backs overtime. Whereas an iPad is only 1.44 pounds. The iPad can also have educational video games for the students to learn and entertain themselves.

  • We should use them!

    Apple's iPads will be good because they are proven to increase student performance, the medical issues that the weight of the textbooks put on your back, and the cost of textbooks are way cheaper then actually getting the textbooks. Plus, they save trees and with the amount of paper we're spending, we're going to need oxygen. Just stating the facts.

  • We should use ipads instead of textbooks.

    Firstly, you wouldn't need to sharpen your pencil and waste class time because you would use an Ipad instead of paper. Secondly, it is faster to use an Ipad than to write down your things. Thirdly, you won't have to rub out because your writing doesn't look messy on the Ipad. Furthermore, an Ipad is more fun to use than using lots of books.

  • No, we should not let students use iPads in school!

    IPads cost much more money than textbooks. Plus, students will be looking at a screen for nearly the whole day and then everyone will have to get glasses. IPads are lighter but they still weigh a lot, so either way it is bad. Children will get addicted and play games online instead of learning.

  • No children should not use ipads in school

    Children are our future as some may say but as toady's modern world develops we see that technology is becoming our enemy more and more with every passed day.Giving permission to our children to forget how to write even the basic sentence with a pen and on paper is like telling a child no wait stop developing the machine is going to do it for you today nearly every school in the world says that technology is our enemy than our friend thanks to it we have forgo ten our basic survival skills because we say ""o why should I do it , when tomorrow my son will invent something that will make my life easier"" or lets not forget that to make just one ipad how many resources are consumed and if I might say nature suffers a lot more when we have to make a machine then when we have to make something out of nothing.And Lets look the current status of our children thanks to technology one third of the world has forgo ten to read books to wonder about nature and why shouldn't they when uncle goggle or some social site is going to show it to them. Thanks to technology we are deg rating faster and faster with every day we use voice recorders notes just because we can't remember anything we don't read we don't exercise our minds.Sorry getting off topic the point is giving to our future this curse is the biggest mistake ever.Children can't achieve anything if we guide them with our creations after we are gone there is going to come a point in time when technology will be obsolete and what are we going to do then we might even return into a new stone age because if you leave a person out in the wild with no communication or experience as we are now doing we might just admit that we are doomed.If It depended on me I would stop using technology I would prefer to go chop down a tree and make myself some paper instead of using a thousand no a mil ion other resources until they are gone and what are we going to then a yes what people normally do blame the other guy just because they can't admit that they were wrong.My Conclusion is stop this curse get your child a notebook rather than a curse.A tree can always be grown back but oil, petrol, plastic and etc. Can never be returned to us

  • No They Should Not

    What's wrong with using a textbook? I realize that technology is advancing but there is no need for an iPad in the classroom or for it to replace textbooks. If kids have these, they will be playing games and be on Faceboook instead of paying attention to while the instructor is speaking.

  • Very stupid idea

    Last longer than books as books only last 2 years? Nope, average life of iPad in schools is 2 years - by then the battery is dead and the unit pretty much had it (remember use in school VERY different from home). Books then don't cost hundreds of pounds each to replace. Tried dropping a book? Did it work afterwards? Now try the same with an iPad. Does a book need a many thousand pound wireless network? Nope. IPads do.

  • In the land of the Free Money where security didn't matter and theft never happened, maybe.

    At £450 a device, they are an expensive solution. They are easily stolen and easily lost. They are hard to secure and there is no way to easily limit their content.

    Every time I've seen someone saying "We need an iPad" it's someone without any real grasp of technology shouting "Wow, it's so shiny and therefore it must be the answer to everything."

  • No, kids should not use them for textbooks.

    No, because kids would use their iPads for things other than school work. They wouldn't care if they got in trouble, they'd just keep playing games. Even if the school blocks the iPad from getting on websites like Youtube, the kids will search for ways to get around the block. Plus, kids can still download their own apps.

  • I speak from experience

    First of all for clarification, when I say "computer" I mean any type of computer device, like a desktop, laptop, or iPad, etc.
    Our school system where I used to live started with iPads for students, but after one trial year, many problems arose (I'm not quite sure what these were) which caused them to discontinue it. The next year, they implemented a plan where every student got Mac Book Airs. However, even so there are still MANY problems with the whole computer/screen thing. Once you give computers, they are used for a lot more than just reading, or it would just be a waste, and there are too many problems that will come from it.

    1. I'm sure that high school students and college students would be a little bit better, but originally it started in middle schools - that kids were constantly loosing their laptops, and sometimes they were never found, costing money. Many kids were simply not responsible enough. Damaging a textbook is much better cost-wise than damaging a computer, which is almost just as easily broken.

    2. With the taking notes situation:
    Yes, some kids find it much easier to type instead of writing, and for some kids it is easier to organize, but there are many reasons which say that writing is much better
    a. You remember the information much better when you physically write it down, according to scientific studies. Please read this article for an example: (http://www.Boston.Com/health/2014/06/05/take-note-this-handwritten-notes-are-more-effective-than-typed-ones/Ypp4ahKuX2Zd0OtUqBw79H/story.Html)
    b. Handwriting is a skill every student should have anyway. Although the computer can write neatly for you, for many tasks you must still use it. Forget your laptop/iPad one day? Your handwriting should be legible. Somewhere else, other than school, someone says something important, and you want to write a note to yourself, you have to be able to read it. Or if you want to write a note to someone else, they have to be able to read it. Also the fine motor control gained from handwriting is often necessary in everyday tasks. Just like you do pushups to strengthen your arm muscles, handwriting strengthens and improves accuracy of the fine motor skills in your hands.
    C. Our teacher actually has one person each class that takes class notes on a computer for those who are sick. - not everyone has to have a computer.
    D. People need to be able to organize without the computer doing it for you. ORGANIZATION is a SKILL that we cannot learn by pressing a couple keys on the computer. Yes, it is neater and you can bold things, but actively highlighting and underlining not only improves your abilities to pick out important information but helps you to remember what you actually picked out to be important. Emphasized points will be emphasized in your mind, not only saving time when you study for tests, but allowing you to learn those points for an extended period of time, as studies have shown.

  • Waste of Money

    In my school, all of the students have been given iPads to use. The problem is that its not monitored. There are more behavioral violations and technological violations ever since we've been given the devices. They aren't even monitored! Students are downloading games that SHOULD NOT be played by children of our ages. Plus, its so difficult to use correct grammar and get work done faster and more efficiently. Plus, if one student's iPad is not working, then the entire class gets held up until the issue is resolved. Plus, iPads are very expensive! The school board had to cut our Speech Team and Library fundings in order to pay for the iPads. They're expensive to fix if something happens and unnecessarily become an essential tool.

  • Ipads should not be brought into the classroom

    Ipads are a great distraction for students in class. I go to a school where Ipads are used. Students are no longer getting as much work done. All they do is play on the Ipads. Other students have lost their Ipads, cracked the screen as to where they can not be used anymore, or gotten them stolen. I am very much against having Ipads. They should have kept the textbooks.

  • Not a good idea!

    My daughter, who has just gone into year 7 now has to use iPads at school instead of paper and books. Just last year, she was increadbly creative and enjoyed doing outdoor activities. But since that iPad, she does nothing but play minecraft, stays in all weekend, and even at school her grades are dropping. IPads are a terrible idea, and at their age, they should be socialising with their friends, not ignoring everyone and playing on a portable "computer" for every single school day.

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