• We are not dumb! I'm 12 years old and i want to vote!

    My parents have told me whats going on and why we are not allowed to vote. People think we'll just copy off our parents. Maybe we have a different opinion then them, maybe we disagree with them (not in my case) but really, we aren't stupid. As long as we know how, we should be allowed to vote

  • YES kids should vote

    Kids should vote because we kids also know what we are talking about too. This is coming from a kid. A kid who knows whats right and whats wrong. If there is a person who is going to build a wall between two countries, I'm obviously going to pick the person that has their head straight and not up side down. You guys know who I'm talking about. Us kids are also part of the country and knowledgeable of choosing whats best. So take this from a kid who knows EXACTLY whats she is doing.

  • Yes they should

    Australia, Brazil, Argentina and even some jurisdictions in the US allow 16 year olds to vote, and it has had very positive effects. No, you shouldn't become an adult and have full responsibilities at 16, but you don't at 18 either. 16 year olds should be given the vote as they already have gained in some societies.

  • Children have a wide imagination and a narrow perspective.

    Children being allowed to vote would change the campaigning process entirely and from personal experience when i was a child watching presidential elections I always just listened to what my parents said. Also presidents would divert from real causes and try to match children's priorities. So in conclusion I do not believe children should vote.

  • Only if it's the ballot for the America's Choice Awards.

    Children do not have any business near an official ballot counted by the government. They are too young and too ignorant to understand the real issues at stake. Can you just imagine the kind of political ads we'd get on TV if children were allowed to vote? While there's no guarantee that they'll be responsible voters when they turn 18, at least they had 12 years of schooling, attempting to make it so.

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