• Kids need to wait till 18 to drive!!!!

    Kids are just way to immature to start handling the freakin rights of a car, if they wanna drive, they have to wait and be patient, yes they may want to but do they have to, of course not, it's mainly a want and not a need at that young of an age. Waiting till you're older is the smart thing to do because then you can enjoy and also be driver-safe and smart when behind the wheel of such a machine.

  • Yes, it would save lives.

    Yes, kids should wait until they are 18 to drive, because there is no need to drive sooner. When a child is a minor, their parent should take care of them and drive them where they want to go. There is no need to drive sooner, and it is not worth some young people losing their lives because of it.

  • Yes, the driving age should be delayed until age 18.

    Personally, I believe that 16 year olds are too young to responsibly behave on the road. Teen drivers cause the most crashes. Car accidents are one of the top causes of death for teens. Texting while driving has become a major source of deaths behind the wheel for teens. Teenagers' brains are still growing and changing, and they are often at a point in their lives where they are rather narcissistic, and not able to realize their actions are putting others at risk, too. Coupled with a feeling of invincibility, this creates a potentially deadly combination. A vehicle is a responsibility, not a right. It's also a very large weapon when it's in the wrong hands.

  • Kids should not wait till 18.

    If the kids wait till 18 to drive then their parent have to take them every where and they get tired of that. But if the kids can get their license at 16 then they would not have to have their parents take them every where they need to go.

  • Die die die

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  • What about the kids who arent safe.

    Abusive family's Chose you, and if your in one its hard to get away. A car helps and being able to drive is a blessing for a child in that situation. If we wait till 16 its anguish and can lead to death.
    Having an escape is very important to any child in this situation. Not only for the Battered children but the poor. Poor kids need to make money sometimes to help their family keep there home. Children are less likely to get a job without transport of their own.

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