• Good for 12 and up

    It is boss and a great show i think that kids that are mature enough to handle humour and not copy it the show is a really good show most kids won't listen to us but family guy has a lesson in every episode that your kids will copy which is good the show teaches you not to do drugs and it's fairly funny as well and most kids already know about the themes and they are already taken away from their innocence at the age of grade 5 my son and me both learned sex Ed in grade 5 and I learned it the summer before 5th grade from my parent.

  • 13 maybe 12 & up

    If your kid is mature enough to understand not to copy bad behaviour or violence from a tv show, let them watch it. From the age of 12, try not to shield your child from so much on tv, otherwise they will become too sensitive and may not feel comfortable when they have to go off and live their own lives. Just saying.

    Although you are your own boss as a parent, like they say, so just keep your chill and do what you feel.

  • Of course the no side is focusing on how 'impressionable' children are...

    Maybe i'm wrong, but from memory, children really either seem to not care about the message, or be stimulated to think. Some children will just watch it for the distraction, or wanting to seem cool, but at the end of the day, they won't end up going on a murder spree because a cartoon character did it. If they did, it'd be just one case. Violence can have any cause. The smarter kids will actually think about it and might actually learn to look at the world from a different perspective, especially with South Park, which often has deeper messages than people like to admit.

  • I watched it growing up, I'm perfectly fine.

    I think that people take things too seriously these days. I started watching Family Guy and South park when I was a little kid. I never really took it seriously because my parents always reminded me that real life, an television are two different things. These shows are meant to be offensive, and meant to be funny.

    It personally taught me to laugh at myself. When they hit heavy subjects like 9/11 or religion, it makes those situations seem a lot less stressful. We live in a world where everything is so serious all the time, everyone is uptight, there are riots, wars, and if we always focus on things that are bad, and the reason they are bad, we become very stale, angry people. Shows like South Park and Family Guy remind us to laugh.

    Of course, I was exposed to these shows as a young child, I would watch somewhere from 10-30 episodes with my dad at least once a week (If not more). However, I do think that it's up to the parent's decision, and it's also the parents responsibility to remind the kids that what happens on the t.v. is meant to entertain and not be taken so seriously.

  • Was not intended but it depends on the child.

    When the creators of the show made each episode I'm sure they were making it for the enjoyment of an adult, Now i'm not saying that 6-8 year old's should watch this but say if a matured 14-16 watched it, it would be alright. Now its not bad parenting if they let a 7 year old watch this I mean its completely and always should be up to the parents to decide on what their kids can watch or can't and weather or not they can handle it or not.

  • Depends on the child

    If the child Is mature enough to handle the stuff in these shows, then I would think its ok, but if the child is not mature enough to watch them then I would say no, well, this is what I think what should happen but still, it's up to the parents :)

  • Not for kids

    These aren't the shows that kids should be watching. I'm certain that the jokes and adult humor will go straight over their heads, but in some cases, it's not even being subtle.

    I love both family guy and south park, and the humor is just too much for the little ones

  • These shows were made for adults

    Family Guy, the Simpsons and South Park were originally marked for adults. Though its not my business to tell people how to parent these shows were not made for minors. When I was in high school I used to watch Chappelle's Show. My mom didn't mind. But the show was also designed for adults as well. Either way its up to the parents to decide what is appropriate for their children to be exposed to. Not to mention my mom never allowed me to watch R rated horror movies as a teenager. Horror movies are extremely violent compared to South Park or Family Guy.

  • Individual is to Young

    I believe that a child should not view this type of content because it ruins their innocence. A child should be a child, and not see inappropriate behavior because they will adapt to that behavior and become very idiotic, or brats. This can apply to the Agents of Socialization, but I won't go to much into Sociology. Anyways, with the following idea, the viewing of these shows can easily destroy a child's innocence.

  • Children under the age of 15 should not watch inappropriate shows

    Children will get bad habits from watching these inappropriate shows. They will want to do the same thing all the cartoon characters and then they might get themselves killed or even hurt from doing what they do. They also might repeat the words they say that show not be said by anyone in the world. They might say it at school and then get in trouble for saying those despicable words.

  • These shows were not created to be viewed by children.

    Those type of animated shows should be reserved for adults, and not shown to young impressionable children. Sometimes my dad watches these type of shows around my 11 year old sister, and she asks lots of questions about why a certain line was funny. I know my sister doesn't represent all children, but I guarantee there are many who do the same. Just let the children stick to shows rated TV-Y, TV-Y7 or TV-G. Ya know, something they wouldn't have trouble understanding and are shielded from vulgar language.

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