• It gives benefits

    Personally, I do think that children should wear uniforms.
    It saves money, gives equality and individuality, honour (noroomtoexplain), better work environment, safety, and it develops a better working habit for a student in the future.

    MONEY: big deal for many parents i supposed. Of course a lot of parents have been debating about how expensive uniforms are, but did they know that children can spend up to well over $1000 a year for clothing? Teens can spend more money as they get older and as they would demand for more. Statistics estimated that in 2004, average teenagers may spend $5000 on clothing in total for a year. That could be roughly 15-30 sets of uniforms for a year! I know many parents would not spend a lot of money on their kids, but its not always that you must buy a lot of uniforms. Most of the times its good enough to buy 3-5 sets. Uniforms can range from $150-300+ depending on the school. Compare these prices to a place you would most often buy your clothing at. Its not a lot. It also allows the child to focus more on school rather than follow the latest fashion trends and show off. Of course no one needs that.

    EQUALITY: uniforms benefit too in this. Ever hear of bullying someone for what they wear? Uniforms allow students to all be the same. Who can judge you for what you wear now that they have the same thing? This also ties in with SAFETY. Imagine a child going to a field trip with the class. The place is foreign, the people are strangers, and theres no way to contact a teacher. Uniforms allows a child to stand out more so that he/she can be more easily noticed and recognized by what school they go to.

    INDIVIDUALITY: looks are deceiving most of the time. Like me, i most often wear shorts, runners, and t-shirts, that doesnt mean im sporty. You cant judge someone for what they wear, its their personality that matters most. You cant just say that "that person wears things i dont like, i dont want to be their friend", thats rude and quick to judge, at least get to know the person more! Also, you dont always have to express yourself by clothing, it could be hobbies, likes/dislikes, friends, etc.

    WORK ENVIRONMENT AND DEVELOPMENT: in many cases, when a student graduates a finds a job, its not like every job you can decide what to wear. Look at business people, lawyers, doctors, chefs, etc. Any level of jobs would also require some sort of item you must wear. Even places as macdonalds, the employees are still requires to wear the company west, hats, etc. Waiters/waitress have to wear formal, other high ranking jobs most likely require suits. To development a better future, it gets a child used to the feeling of wearing formal clothing. You dont want to see someone wearing gaudy and bad clothing of course (i sure wouldnt)

  • Support children individuallity

    Children should not be required to wear school uniforms because we should support the individuality of our children. Children should be able to decide what to wear as it will teach them what is considered appropriate for specific occasions. Also, focing children to wear uniforms will cause them to want to rebel and create trouble to seperate themselves from everyone.

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