• Kids are get smart with money

    When giving kids money they learn how to use money wisely. It can show them what happens when you spend all your money at once. It also shows what happens when you put all your money in a piggy bank and save it and shows what happens when you save your monry

  • Working for allowance.

    I think it promotes a good work ethic, Rather than a sense of entitlement for merely existing. If I go to work and don't perform my job duties, I would eventually lose my job. If my kids don't do a few chores and expect to be simply handed money for being lazy, That doesn't fly. . . That is where you get the 25-35 year olds entitlement screwballs that become freeloading feedbags mooching off of their parents and don't work and still live at home.

  • They definetely should work for it

    I was a kid and I remember I got an allowance. I actually got it no matter what. I asked my parents why and they said I already work hard every week. They said that I know what most kids don't know about money. I started getting lazy 2 years later and they didn't give me my allowance. I am proud of my parents for this. Kids should work hard to earn their allowance.

  • Kids shouldo work for their allowance

    So kids know that life is not easy, We work to get the money we cannot give it to our kids easy willy nilly,They have to learn that to get money you have to work hard it's why it is ore easy to go to school for your future because some kids as soon as they get their they'll start flunking school because they get everything from their parents

  • We all must learn to work and earn!

    Money doesn't grow on trees, and when you are an adult, you aren't going to be handed money. Allowance makes kids not appreciative of the value of a dollar. When I was seven I spent 2 years and bough the original Wii. This drives me, and made me work harder than before. I also bought my own IPads, IPods, Xboxes, and more. If I had been handed money I would have spent it and not learned anything. Also, I challenge the one up top. Even if their young they aren't defensless. I earned money, so can your kids.

  • Hard working or Spoiled Rotten?

    There is a difference. When I was 16 and wanted a new computer I had to work for it, I had to save $500 by doing chores constatly which would be like $10 (at most) a week. I started saving at 14 and got a new computer from wal-mart. I got my first cell-phone at 17 years old, which I saved for and paid for and continue to pay for myself. I also have bought my own TV, my own laptop(s), my new bed and saved up to re-do my room, I bought both of my vehicles with no help from my family. I did this ALL by myself . I love knowing that I worked hard for everything I own. I know a girl whos parents buy her everything, her phone and I know they just got her a Brand new car right off the lot. I dont like being around this person because her idea of her parents loving her is them buying her things and she is unpleasant to be around because she feels entitled to things and expects others to pay for things when you are out with her. She says she wants to move out on her own but I know when she gets out on her own she is going to panic because mom and dad may or may not be there to have her back. She is very spoiled rotten and every one I know tried not to be around her to much. Giving a child everything and not teaching them to work for something teaches them that they dont have to work for anything.

  • Work to earn your keep!

    Kids need to be taught to earn what they want so that they don't grow up to be stuck-up little brats like the majority of the countries kids today already are. When kids are raised to think that what they want will just be given to them, they don't understand what self-relience is and wont be able to support them selves in the future.

  • Children must learn to work for their allowance.

    These children are entrusted with the future of today's society. Therefore, they must be trained to handle situations correctly. Nothing that is worth jack is free. Ever. The only way to be successful and to affect tomorrow in a positive way is to learn to work and receive, not only receive.

  • They absolutely should.

    No matter the age, if i give my children an allowance, they should be doing something for the household.
    If a parent were to just hand it out like its nothing, what is the kid gonna learn?
    A child needs to be shown money doesnt grow on trees, everyone has to work for it in some way or another.

  • We all need to learn to work.

    I am 16 and ever since I could remember I had to earn my allowance to buy the things I wanted. What has that done for me? I learned to work hard. And working hard will support me in my future. How? When a child works they learns to complete tasks in small amounts of time and to be productive. This will support them in completing tasks in their future jobs and increase their chances or promotions and raises with productivity.
    This also supports our community. Especially in America, our constitution can only survive if everyone is pulling their weight. We are not doing a good job at that today. So many people are able to get free stuff (which isn't free, its paid by tax payers) and a lot of those people don't work because they live off the Government. Part of this reason is because not everyone is learning to work hard at a young age.

    Kids should work for their allowances because it prepared them for life and keeps your country running whether it is America or not. I say that because I'm pretty sure that not everyone debating on this site is American.
    Hope this answer helped

    Posted by: MVMX
  • They should be handed it

    They are kids they are defenseless, they are only 1 or 2 years old. Just buy them the Ipad if they want it, and you should give them 50 bucks a week. If you were 1 or 2 what would you do to work? Exactly you cant work, you are 1 years old.

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