• Kids can have lots of fun.

    Kids can follow their close friends from around the world, along with their family. Parents can monitor them so they don't go on anything inappropriate. Kids can also make new friends on social media. Snapchat instantly deletes posts after one day so the post isn't their forever. I hope people support this.

  • On a case by case basis

    I think that in some cases a child under 13 is capable of understanding the consequences. When I was that age I was starting to look at Pornography intentionally on purpose. I hid it from the teachers and staff because I knew it was wrong, but I did it anyway. The point I am making is that some children do understand the consequences of their actions. They can handle posting on Facebook.

    It is up to the parent in some cases. In a few cases similiar to mine, the child will get Facebook anyway even if not allowed.

  • They should have a Facebook

    I think Facebook is a great way to interact with people and have some fun. You can message on Facebook, like stuff, and follow some celebrities of your choice. They should let kids younger then 13 have a Facebook, but have some parental controls on Facebook too. Plus kids who are younger than 13 should have parents that look over their Facebook.

  • They're hardly responsible enough at 13, certainly not at a younger age.

    Anything that you say on social media can't be truly deleted, pre-teens and sometimes teens say things that they don't really mean which could be held against them later. Most 13-year-olds have little self-control, which makes it easier for them to make mistakes. Pre-teens I believe are a lot more likely than teens to use it to bully others and be a troll to strangers, do we really need more internet trolls? Pre-teens (under 13) just lack the self-control and discipline to represent themselves on Facebook, it can lead to a lot of trouble for them and others.

  • It can be misused by other people or not concentrate on studies

    Some parents allow their children to have afacebook but it can be misused by oher people plus they donot on their studies also .If some children have it isn't any problem but after some time they use it as a friend but actually books are our best friend. They add some one onit whoe proper information is not with them.

  • Up to the parent to decide.

    I'm personally against kids under 13 having access to Facebook. But it really depends on the parent. Some parents allow their 9 year olds to get games such as CoD and Battlefield, which I highly think is (for a lack of a better work) stupid, and completely detrimental to the child.

    There is a proper time and age for a child to experience some things. When I was younger I experienced lots of pain and was in lots of situations I shouldn't have been in, all because of my parents and their choices. Overall, the parent should have consent over the child as to whether or not to make this decision, and they should do so with the child's future in mind.

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