• Yes but only for self defence

    Going around and killing people should be illegal and is illegal but self defense is another matter, if you feel your life is in danger, like if they are in your house than is should be, and is in some places. I do believe however that killing should be a last resort and should try to knock them out so they can be taken alive.

  • Should killing be legalized?

    I do not know what I may appear to the world, but to myself I seem to have been only like a boy playing on the seashore, and diverting myself in now and then finding a smoother pebble or a prettier shell than ordinary, whilst the great ocean of truth lay all undiscovered before me.
    stop it i am already dead.

  • Yes, but just when needed

    What i mean about my point of view is that it should be legal to kill its because sometimes u have the need to kill someone u hate or to defend yourself. For example, in my case right now im in the need to do this its my opinion but more people may have more opinion :P

  • Seriously? Everyone on the no side would do this?

    Killing is already legalised. Whoops I killed a spider... 20 years for me. I don't think hunting should be made illegal either. If killing is made illegal then people would lose their jobs people would have bad problems with a lack of protein. If I was to go even further I could say you couldn't eat vegetables either. So then people would starve! Also scientific researches carried out on animals would not go ahead as you don't want to risk breaking the law

  • Whoever created this list is drunk and on crack

    Why on earth would you want to kill someone?! This will just cause chaos everywhere! Like... Are you thinking the world will become The Purge: Election Day sometime? OH HELL NO! Everyone just ignore this list at all costs! This list is worst than Caillou, Dora, and many other retarded cartoons and other retarded things in life!

  • Are you for serious??

    You have got to be kidding me!! If this was legalized people would walk down the street with a knife or a gun and see someone and shoot them and some people would play it as a game and going around blowing up things for fun, people would pretend that its like a game and play around with all dead bodies lyeing around on the street and it will stink

  • No what you doing

    Only for self defense and that is already a law are you ok?????? Would you like it if i killed your mom or dad o or a loved one? If i killed them and killing was legal, you wouldnt get justice. And i would just get to walk away freely

  • It really depends.

    If murder was legalized, America's population would probably drop at least 5% in the first month or two. This law could be okay, but you have people that are trashy and live in bad areas that would abuse this. In every school or workplace you have people like this. If they can murder someone and get away with it, then, heck, Fallout 4 will become every bit possible. Hiding away for life, only leaving safety when absolutely needed. Nobody will have anything this is nice, for the fear of getting killed so they can take it. You are so oblivious if you think murder should be legal. What you don't realize is that not everybody is a good person that thinks, "Only kill someone if they are threatening me." No, there are people who already kill others and get in trouble for it. Imagine the world with legal murder.

  • Heck to teh no

    Really?! This is a no-brainer,killing should only be used in self defense or in war but if killing was legal everyone would be dead because it will be legal for gangs and pedophiles to kill anyone so we would all be pretty much dead :| thats my opinion on dis

  • Is this for real?

    Murder and any type of unlawful crime that is like murder are illegal for a reason! Laws are put in place for a reason and without those laws, the world would be an anarchy. Could you imagine the world if killing was legalized? People would think that war is okay and innocent people would get murdered. It is important to protect all born humans as every one of them are needed to grow another generation. Anyway, unlawfully killing is bad and you're stupid if you actually want this legalized.

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