• Its should be illagle its dumb for people to kill an animal for them to have money those tusk help them live

    I think that people shouldn't be able to take elephant's tusk or kill them. And if they do they should go to jail or have to pay a fine.
    Elephants are amazing they shouldn't just die because someone wants money i think we should stop this because their moms or family are just like our. Imagine someone close to you dying. Elephants should be able to live a full life until they want to die it's not fair. I think ivory ella is amazing they support elephants they are working with save the elephants which is a wildlife organization https://www. Ivoryella. Com/
    Another reason we shouldn't kill elephants is because there a tourist attraction people like elephants and people shouldn't ruin that. Elephants are among the most intelligent of the creatures with whom we share the planet, During the dry season, Elephants use their tusks to dig for water. That's one of the reason people shouldn't be able to take elephant's tusks This trade is illegal today, But it has not been completely eliminated
    Elephants are so kind if you don't think that watch this video https://www. Youtube. Com/watch? V=uVceZEfAsTc

  • Yes it should be illegal

    Elephants are animals in the safaria, very big. If we kill these elephants, they will become extinct. And because of ivory, we do not need to kill elephants. What would you feel if someone had cut off your scalp for jewerly? It is the same thing for elephants, and we are both animals, and should not be treated this way.

  • It's Genocide for Elephants

    The ivory trade is rapidly causing several species of elephants to go extinct. Not only should it be illegal, but every sick psychopath who is responsible for it should be given the death penalty. If you are willing to drive an entire genus of animal to extinction to steal part of their face just make a personal profit, then I see no reason why you should be allowed to live.

  • Yes, it should be illegal to kill elephants just for their ivory.

    Yes, it should be illegal to kill elephants for their ivory. I have always had the stance that hunting should only be done out of need, not for sport or monetary gain. There are many beautiful animals, including the elephant, that are being hunted to distinction for the sake of industry. We should be enforcing all of our resources to protect these animals.

  • Yes, killing elephants for their ivory should be illegal

    Ivory is a fashion accessory. The brutal killing of Africa's majestic beasts is not worth any possible benefits ivory might feature. These animals need to be protected from the heartless hunters who would profit from this brutal practice. The world must come together to combat such acts of terrible violence.

  • We Don't Need It

    In our community, I really doubt we NEED anything made of ivory. Why kill the life of an animal for trinkets nobody wants. I think the generations have finally swayed to see how brutal and grotesque the hunting of these animals is. Just look at the outrage when the Dentist shot Cecil the Lion.

  • Elephants are great animals

    Elephants are great, majestic creatures. There numbers on this earth are dwindling and I think it won't be long until we are fighting to keep them on this planet. Killing them for ivory is just ridiculous. Do we really need ivory that bad? Is ivory needed so bad we have no alternatives? No, it is not. Their lives should be valued.

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