Should killing festivals/sacrificing ceremony's be banned?

Asked by: Jess.hartley
  • No reason to kill innocent things.

    You've gotta be a pretty disgusting human being to enjoy killing innocent things for sport or any reason if you aren't using the animal's resources to their fullest, if you actually HAVE to. There's absolutely no reason to kill innocent things. It's unnecessary and inhumane. We should kill the people who kill the animals.

  • Its ridiculos how much pain these animals go through, for nothing!

    Is it necessary to kill hundreds and thousands of animals? For what reason? No reason. Preposterous you may tell me but it's not it happens all the time, annually. The people that do this don't benefit, neither do the animals. It's gobstopping how many times it's already happened and how many more times it's bound to happen. It's not illegal and no one suffers the consequences. Apart from the poor victims, once again, the animals. People use excuses such as "it's religion" when it's not. I've have researched cases when these types of spaces called 'sacrifice ceremonies' are blamed by their religion, but that's a lie. People in the same religion that this ceremony some what belongs to have disagreed with this saying that it's not part of their religion and had never been associated with it. So how are people like this getting away with it? Without the necessary consequences, this reckless behaviour isn't necessary and it never will be!

  • God does not want your dead goat!!!

    Sacrifices should be banned and done with for 2,000 something years now. Jesus was the ultimate sacrifice so everything you do now, besides repenting, believing and helping others do the same, is meaningless. People usually sacrifice for their sins but think about. People lie, steal, lust and curse everyday on an average scale. That's a lot of animals to kill. >: - /

  • It's none of your business

    It is a cultural thing, and why should we ban it, since most of us aren't even from the country that does it? The only way for this to stop is for the culture to evolve, not to tell people they can't do something because a bunch of people from another country said no. That is wrong. Americans wouldn't listen if an activist group from Saudi Arabia said we should stop letting women dress how they wanted, so why should anyone listen to us. It's a double standard.

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