• Yes, Kim Dotcom should be tried in the U.S. for violations

    In regard to conducting business on the Internet, entrepreneurs should research the laws and ordinances of the countries they are doing business with. I am not convinced that Kim Dotcom was unaware of the legalities surrounding his business practices and should answer to the charges presented in a court of law.

  • Well, the crime was on US soil.

    I think he should be tried in the US, but it remains to be seen whether or not he deserves any punishment. The crime was committed on US soil, so it stands to reason he should be tried here. It seems rather fishy that he tried to hide from extradition anyways.

  • Not an issue

    America needs to stop wasting time and resources on absolutely minuscule things. We've spent over a trillion dollars on this stupid new fighter jet; the last thing we need is to spend millions on Kim Dotcom to set an "example." Let the guy continue being a clown in whatever hideaway he's lounging at, we've got better things to do.

  • Kim Dotcom Should Not be Extradited

    Kim Dotcom should not be extradited to the United States for trial and punishment due to the charges against him regarding copyright infringement and other similar charges. He did not steal from the government directly, but rather cost the entertainment industry hundreds of millions of dollars. Although this is a crime, Kim Dotcom is in no way a threat to our national security, and thus should not be extradited.

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