Should Kim Jung-Un have been named the Sexiest Man Alive by The Onion?

Asked by: chestnutrules
  • Kim Jung Un is 2 sexy

    There is no competition. Even shrek would bow down to Kim's sexy powers. If you haven't seen Kim Jung uns adventures on college humor, you don't know his true story. He is the ultimate winner of the hunger does not exist in North Korea games and is the most sexy man alive. Also he may destroy the U.S. So don't make fun of him, he once fired a rocket. He might fire an even bigger rocket here. KJ1 4 life

  • Sure, would have been brilliant

    They could have even incorporated a few brilliant puns about the whole fiasco that happened with 'The Interview' into their reasoning for why he is the sexiest man alive. Whats more, some gullible dingus out there might mistake the article as legit, share it on social media, and then make an idiot out of themself XD

  • They are comedians

    The Onion is a massive parody website. If they made me "King of the World" tomorrow, would I really be king of the world? No. If anything, I'd be the Emperor.
    Kim Jong-Un just fed the trolls a lot through his critical research failure. Besides, he's actually into Western culture.

  • What. That doesn't make sense

    Why would you give such a positive connotation to a person who have done so many horrible things to his people. Giving them a illusion that North Korea is the best and most developed country and violating basic human rights. If onion says that, although it may not be their actual intention, people might mistaken them for almost supporting the dictator. Kim Jun-Un deserves to have food shoved down his fat throat until he explodes and have his remains burn in hell.

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