• Yes she should

    Well the only reason she is famous is because all the attention she gets from her viewers/fans, so yeah she deserves it. If she didn't get any attention at all she would have faded away in the media but that never happened. And isn't it just interesting hearing all the crazy things she does? So i think that she should be famous for our own amusement.

  • Kim Kardashian Should Be Famous

    Yes, Kim Kardashian should be famous as the only thing it takes to be famous is to be recognizable to many other people. She may not have a particular talent that led to her fame, but to say she should not be famous is to say she should not be recognized, which she certainly is.

  • Useless Famous Being.

    Kim does nothing. She tortures America with her sense of a materialistic, self-centered, rich behavior. Not all the rich are famous and she definitely should not be. I am not a fan of the show either for it brings a non-reality feel to it's younger viewers. All in all SHE SHOULD NOT BE FAMOUS.

  • No She is useless

    She is everything that is wrong with America. She is Vapid , materialistic, self centered , she has no morals and will sell her body for attention. She married Kanye just to stay in the lime light and treats her poor daughter like an accessory. All she cares about is money and fame.

  • Kim Kardashian Should Not Be Famous, But Such is the Reality We Live In.

    Kim Kardashian has done nothing that earns fame. In a perfect world, famous people would be those who do good: doctors, teachers, humanitarians, etc. Kim Kardashian has not done much beyond starring in a sex tape and entering an alleged sham marriage. She should not be famous, but people need to let go of reality and jump into pseudo-reality to relax. It will never change. We will always worship celebrities.

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