• Why is this even a question?

    Of course kissing should be allowed in public! It's part of being part of a family member to other family members but not with friends or strangers (except boyfriends and girlfriends). If you go to weddings or honeymoons, then you see people kissing, that's acceptable and that is also okay! A study found out that kissing helps increase your love with people.

  • Kissing is great.

    I think you should be allowed to kiss in public its nice thing to do. Its got to be better than people fighting. I kiss people when I greet them sometimes. I think more people should do it! Its all down to preference and if you like doing it then carry on.

  • Yes, Of Course!!!

    Why should a couple not be allowed to express their love in public. It does not harm anyone, and it does not involve negativity. There are prank channels on YouTube that go around and get kisses from people on the street, and most people would generally enjoy that. I definitely do.

    Posted by: Fomo
  • Why is it a question? According to the website you asked it!

    A study shows that kissing increases your love with people? So we should go around and start randomly kissing people? How absurd!
    No there should be no kissing, touching, fondling, groping, or even frolicking in public. The World should be asexual in public. Do you even know where that mouth has been before you kiss it?

    How dare you want to show affection in public. We all know how baseball works when it comes to the world of "kissing" Men just want a homerun.... They just have to cross a few bases. Why allow those bases to be crossed in full few of the innocents minding their own business trying to get a cappuccino...


  • Kisses in the house, hugs in public.

    Having affection for someone is beautiful in its own way, but showing affection in a public area is not only rude, but makes people feel disgusted and uncomfortable in witnessing it.
    Kissing is a sexual thing which makes it morally unacceptable to do outside the house.
    Hugging is a non-sexual gesture which is completely morally acceptable outside the house.

  • No way in hell

    Its disgusting to watch others kiss and its something personal which couples should do in private. They don't have to just stop everything they are doing and just start kissing. Its hella wierd looking at two people dived in their passion when no one is interested. They should do what the hell ever they want, without shoving their stupidness in other peoples face.

  • Makes me feel uncomfortable

    I don't think it should be illegal but I feel that it is a personal thing not a public display of affection. If I'm having a bad day or if some one was going through heart ache, the last thing they want to see are people snogging/kissing passionately in front of you. It is a little bit disrespectful. I see it so many times, and it irritates me. I am not jealous just wish people would be a little more discreet with their affections. However I am ok with couple holding hands or quick peck on the cheek that is ok.

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