Should Kobe be considered the best player of all time?

  • He should absolutely be in consideration

    Supreme footwork and tenacity, Dominated teams through sheer willpower, Among peers perhaps no one but MJ is as revered as Kobe is. He is of course in the discussion for best to ever step on the Hardwood, Only a fool would think he's nowhere near it.

    With that said I still lean towards MJ, But Kobe isn't far behind

  • Hell if I know

    For me it is impossible to put my thumb on a single player and say he is the g.O.A.T 100% hands down. The thing that I find so overwhelming is how the game has changed over the eras and how some players wanted the goat status and how some really didn't care and just played the game as a team player. Dare I say this...... I think Jordan is overrated compared to the acknowledgment Kobe gets That's not to say I think he's better or worse. Some orders will swear down to this day that chamberlain or magic are the best, other generations will throw up other names and so it will continue with ever season. It's kind of like asking who's better at beating a man with a crossover iverson or kyrie or who's the better shooter out of miller, Allen, curry , pierce or bird they are all elite players that it's so hard to find faults, as a coach you would take any of them they are all going to get you stupid amounts of buckets. As for the g.O.A.T question I'll just sit back and enjoy the debate. To many elite players and styles that I really don't care who's the best, I just enjoy watching any player that lights it up on game day

  • All hail Kobe

    The best technician in the game that I have seen and have been watching nba for over 20 years now, there is no better feeling then seeing Kobe twisting and turning up and down working hard and pulling off moves unimagineable, I truly believe he is the best player of all time

  • KOBE is DA very BEST!!!

    Has anyone noticed that Kobe Bryant is the only player with that type of mentality? Lebron may be a strong player, but Kobe has the "Mamba Mentality". Michael Jordan is not very exciting to watch. All he has ever done is challenge Kobe to become better. Kobe Bryant is in fact the most exciting player to watch. He is the explicit reason why NBA fans are fans. Therefore, from all this argument, it is clear that there will never be another Kobe Bryant.

    "I don't want to be the next Michael Jordan, I just want to be Kobe Bryant."

    "If you are afraid to fail, you are probably going to fail."

    These are a couple examples of what Kobe Bryant once said.

  • Kobe is #1 to me next to MJ

    In terms of body of work outside of championships and accolades he matches or eclispes him almost every category despite gettting a late start to his career and having to battle injuries the last 3 years of his career.
    Realistically Kobe only played 14 to 16 seasons in the league

  • Kobe Bean Bryant

    The league screwed Kobe out of getting his 6th and 7th rings by blocking that Chris Paul trade. That would have clenched his Legacy as the GOAT.He played on some really bad teams Smush Parker, Kwame Brown, etc. his 5 rings came with Derrick Fisher at pg who is maybe in the top 50. Kobe could have easily gotten 10 rings if he ran to all these good team like everyone else is doing.

  • Just follow the numbers..

    Kobe is has accomplished feats that you would have to dig up Wilt Chamberlain to see. He's gone on scoring binges that not even MJ has seen. And MJ and his 23.8 FGA in a Chicago jersey had the opportunity to do it. So why is it that he never accomplished them? It's Kobe!

  • Didn't have the greatest career as far as accolades, but in terms of skill the greatest of all time.

    Did it with less, the guy played for 11 different head coaches for Christ sake. Wasn't as good of an athlete as the goat Jordan but dunked better, was a more intelligent player on both sides of the ball. Better ball handler and shooter. If he played on the 90s bulls he would have never retired and won 7-8 championships. Came straight out of high school and came off the bench his first two years so his career numbers are watered down. His work ethic and will to win/be the greatest are second to none. Played through more injuries than ANYONE

  • He was the best to do it

    Just go watch his games and highlights. He's just the undisputed goat. He was jordan but better. He played in a time when the nba was the hardest to play in. In his prime, a lot of other great players were in their prime but he rose above them. He had the mamba mentality and you could see it. He laid it all out on the floor. He singlehandedly wrote his legacy, jordan and lebron both played/ play in a league that is not as tough against opponents that arent as skilled. Jordan was positioned as the goat because he was the first dominant player in a modern nba when it became more popular. However, kobe outdid jordan and he shouldnt be denied his greatness became he came later.

  • Kobe is the best Eva hands down ever better than Jordan we will never see anyone like Kobe Bryant Eva!!!!

    Kobe Bryant is the best he stayed at the top of his game for 17 years playing the whole 48 minutes in his 17th season he just was the top dog never took a day off Kobe bean Bryant the best Eva!!! Outscored Dallas at end of third and sat down 62 61 UN fucking believable

  • Not even the best on his best teams.

    Shaq was better. LeBron is better. Michael Jordan is materially better. Duncan. Bird. Magic. Steph Curry's best season is better than Kobe's best. Kobe Bryant is a high-volume chucker who shot reasonably well, and got profoundly overrated as a result of playing on winning teams. That's it. I'm not 100% sure he's top 25 all time.

  • Not even the best player of his generation

    For 7 years Kobe was never even the best player on his team, then later on he put up high numbers but could barely take his team to the playoff. His FG% is lower than other greats, his shot selection is often horrible, he wasn't ever the clear best player in the league, at least not for consecutive seasons, has only 1 MVP, never made the other players around him better. TD of his generation is greater, and so is Shaq. Of the younger ones so far Lebron is greater, and before him we have MJ, Hakeem, Magic, Bird, Moses, Kareem, Wilt, Bill...

  • No Contest to MJ

    There is no reason that Kobe is better than Jordan. Titles, MVP, and Finals MVPs all belong to MJ. Sure Kobe has more points but he is also the all-time record holder for misses and attempts so the fact that he is on 6 on the list for points is embarrassing. Kobe is a scoring machine and a defensive stopper and definitely should be on the list for ONE OF the all time greats but no way he is the all time best.

  • I say no

    I think that kobe bryant should not be considered the best of all time. We already have a G.O.A.T. It is michael jordan. No one can compare to him. If any one does, it is either they do not like him, or they only focus on statistics. No one is better than Michael. Kobe is probably second or third place.

  • Wilt the Stilt

    If you are going to argue points in your title, look up Wilt Chamberlain. He scored 100 points in a single game. And before you say he never played 7 footers, he did! He once blocked the legendary hook shot of Kareem Abdul-Jabaar. All that being said, Kobe isn't even the greatest Laker because Wilt the Stilt has got him beat.

  • I will put Duncan over him in his generation

    To properly assess Kobe, it needs to be compared to player of his generation. His first third of career, his teammate, Shaq was the best player in his team and unstoppable. If we replace Kobe with other top 5 SG of his time, Laker would have still won championship. Second third of Kobe's career, Duncan was more consistent, greater leader, and made his teammates better. Last third of his career, Lebron just dominated in stat, in winning, in carrying his team to championship. So Kobe was one of the best player during his era, but never best. That is why he won only 1 MVP. He should have won second one instead of Nash, in 2006. But that is it.

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  • Ball hog elite

    He was a ball hog and very selfish player. Jordan was a much better team player. He was respected then and is respected now. Shaq and Gasol carried Kobe to his 5 rings. I respect Kobe game but greatest of all time is a stretch. I think he is in the top 5 best players.

  • No. Nope. No way.

    No disrespect, but no. Not a chance, negative, negatron. Great player, tremendous athlete, and fierce competitor. Loved his dedication and desire to try and be the best night in and night out. Honor to watch him play the last 20 years for my favorite team, but Kobe is not the "best player of all time".

  • Blinded by generational bias

    Kobe isn't even in the same league as other greats. If you look at his stats, he's not the best and that's what matters. Michael Jordan and many others had greatness but were team players. Players in today's generation are selfish, showboaters. People who claim he's the greatest were probably born after the GULF WAR.

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