• Albanian supporting Kosovo

    Kosovo and Serbia is like bad marriage or an influenced or marriage without a will. . . Serbia during this marriage did horrible things to a native Kosovo Albanians and it happened a forced divorce.
    Kosovo declared the independence not because of being 90% Albanians or because of History or a will to be independent or for any other different reasons but only that the independence was the only remaining path and choice to survive and move further.
    Kosovo independence is unique and not reversible; the parallels that people are making to other countries are not consisting with a momentum and can’t not be a fact or a reason for other entities to declare a different status within their countries as long as their countries respect the International Law and Human Rights, As long as their countries will not took their right to live and die, As long as their countries will not slaughter and genocide them.
    If this will happened in “independent country’s” my opinion is that everyone has the right to leave and in the name of that unique human right that entity can declare independence same like Kosovo and not be in conflict with international law.

    The international Court of Justice by the UNITED NATIONS in 22 JULY 2010 declared/decided that:
    Kosovo declaration was not in violation of international law.
    With this fact you cannot go further a denied the existence of the country with 2 million habitants.

  • If the world is fair It should be Albanian

    Albanians have lived there till 1000AD (e3b-v13, J2b, R1b-s123)
    Slavs (serbs) came and populated the area during the Slavic migration. Later the ottoman (Turks) not Albanians pushed the Serbs away. OVER 50% OF Kosovo was Albanian for over 200 years.

    But in the Balkan war Kosovar 120,000 was killed by Serbs and over 700,000 sent to turkey

    In WW2 Albanian was taken over by Italy and Germany. German encouraged Albanian to take revenge killing 60,000 and moving 200,000 ... Croat killed 500,000 Serbs (not in Kosovo) yet they target Albanians because they are smaller

    titto ruler of Yugoslavia said you can learn Albanian speak live in peace

    when Milosevic took power he killed Muslim 100,000 Bosnian and over 11,000 Albanians

  • Albanian supporting Kosovo

    Kosovo was always inhabited by Albanians and has always been at + 90% ethnically Albanian. Kosovo is mostly Albanian, they speak Albanian there and they all consider themselves Albanian. ALSO in 1913 Serbs (along with the Montenegrins) invaded Kosovo killing people and destroying infrastructure. Over 3000 Albanian Catholics were converted to Serbian Orthodoxy (thus losing their Albanian background).

  • Of course Kosovo is Albanian and should be independent.

    Slavs arrived into the Balkan region around 6 AD. Coming from the Ukraine and Poland. Albanians being descendants of the Illyrians (an ancient civilization that spanned from Slovenia to Greece). Yet Serbians will use the Battle of Kosovo Field as a prime example of the sacrifice they made. This war is more of a reminder of the fact that Serbs defected to the other side. The murder of the the Sultan of Turkey is used as example of the heroism of the Serbs as the one who had killed him Milosh Kopiliq (or in Serbian: Milos Kopilic) was converted into a Serbian icon. Yet his name holds two meanings in Albanian; the first being bastard or 'kopil' and the second the village of Kopil in central Kosovo. Following the war the Serbs gave their princess to the Sultan of Turkey for marriage as a means of appeasement. Serbs only adopted Christianity in the early 13th century (following the formation of the Serbian Orthodox Church) yet Christianity reigned in Albania for years. Gjergj (George) Kastrioti (Kastriot) Skenderbeg (Skanderbeg) was an Albanian prince (later King) who fought of the Ottoman Empire for years while the Serbs remained passive. The Pope had titled him the 'Champion of Christ'.

    Kosovo was always inhabited by Albanians and has always been at + 90% ethnically Albanian. Following 1912 after Albanians independence Kosovo was still a territory of Albania yet in 1913 following the Treaty of London the province was given to Serbia as a means of appeasing Russia.

    Kosovo is considered the cradle of Serbian civilization even though Serbs are from the Caucasus area of the Middle East (and lower Russia). Serbs also committed countless atrocities on the Albanian people. From the 1850's and on. In 1913 Serbs (along with the Montenegrins) invaded Kosovo killing people and destroying infrastructure. Over 3000 Albanian Catholics were converted to Serbian Orthodoxy (thus losing their Albanian background).

    In the 1999's countless crimes were perpetrated including the rape of 20,000 women and the murder of 100,000 people and destruction of thousands upon thousands of buildings and homes. Serbs claim that it is a holy place for them claiming the sacred churches they have yet they are only Catholic ones converted to Orthodox ones. The murals of the wall show Albanian men (with the traditional headwear the plis).

    Ergo the Serbians have little ties with the land of Kosovo even though they have tried to forge one there obviously isn't. So given the fact that the land belongs to Albanians and since they have decided that it should be a republic Kosovo very much deserves to be a republic.

  • No reason to be independent

    Pretty much since medieval, Kosovo was a part of Serbia. Throughout history it has never been an independent state. It doesn't have its own history, traditions etc. It was always a part of another country (mostly Serbia and Ottoman Turkey). Albanians think it belongs to them, because they make up 90% of its population. In that case, should Republika Srpska and Krajina also declare independence, because the majority are Serbs? Because that's what happened in the Yugoslav war.

  • It is a complex issue

    Why should one side get it all, the other side lose it all? Why impose independence as the “only” solution for Kosovo? Why endanger international law? Why reward Albanian violence? Why did NATO intervene in 1999, was it for human rights or protectorate-building?
    Let's say Serbia gives albanians on Kosovo the same rights they would have with independence, why would they need to be independent then? There is obviously something else here.

    Kosovo exists only because the USA wants it to exist, literally no other reason, and I never understood why USA needs Kosovo, likewise I never understood why USA created the Al-qaeda, ISIS and others. They cause havoc everywhere in the name of "democracy". It's not about Kosovo's independence, it's about hegemony of the USA, and should the world really just keep quiet as the USA does whatever it wants to do in face of international laws and moral standards.

  • It is Unfortunately . But should not BE!

    As of words from young Serb living in Kosovo. Our rights are below standards. And it was SERBIAN land from beginning of SERBIA. Albanians just started populating whole Kosovo with natality(birthrate) way too high. Every guy had a family of 2-4 wifes and 9-16 kids. 10 kids on average. Thats how they took it from Serbs. In other words There was a war for that area of Serbia. Albanian guerrilla army (UCK) had 5000 men in close by country. And striked on by killing 6 Serbian Police officers and bombing several Police stations in Kosovo And Metohija(Serbian name for that part).From then on they were recognized as terrorist group by side of Serbia. UCK reached 20.000 and more . The war started and Albanians accused Serbs for genocide (what killing a man with riffle in his hands is considered genocide?!?)which was on both sides and USA along with NATO told Serbians to pull back the Armed Serbian Forces from Kosovo or there will be bombardment. Serbia did pull back but there still WAS BOMBED by USA-NATO. With a side note "PEACE IS ONLY OPTION" Manny people died but majority is Serbian men,women and children... UCK knew about the attack and retreated all their fighers back to Macedonia. Then after the USA and NATO atack took the forces right back in to Claim and Capture Kosovo. Very bad move from USA they had no bussines in that. Why does not USA help the Russians with Chechens? BECAUSE RUSSIA CAN STAND FOR HER SELF. Serbia is just a Small country . Fought in all Europe wars and allways stood for herself. That made her that weak to let go of Kosovo.(Russians have aided Serbs a lot with infantry troops and riffles but had a risk of going into war with all other Catholic states. So she gave up on Serbia too. -.- Anyone who thinks i am wrong is an idiot and not well informed!!!

  • No! Never!

    Kosovo has been Serbian since medieval times. People saying that it should be independent are hypocrites because they are the same people that would not support Republika Srpska if they would declare independence. It is a country run by criminals and terrorists that have terrorized the minority populations of Serbs, Roma, Gorani during the Kosovo war. Why give terrorists their own country? If Serbia were to recognize Kosovo the situation would get worse and not better. The minorities who would then have lost their protection from Serbia would be treated way worse than what they are now. Kosovo is morally, Logically and historically Serbian.

  • Of course not

    Kosovo was Serbian from the medieval times, during WW2 Albanien Nazis killed thousands of Serbs in Kosovo and ethnically cleansed them, after WW2 Tito made a very bad move by letting Kosovo be too autonomous and he did not let Serbs who lived in Kosovo (that left it because of ww2) return to their homes!!! It kind of seems like Tito planned for something like what happened in 1998 and 1999, but I am not going to start conspiracies... And in the 90s we had the Yugoslav civil war, where all sides commited atrocities and unfortunately thousands died, then USA started arming KLA (Kosovo “Liberation” Army), had CIA train them, etc. And Albania also let illegal wepons be transported across their border into Kosovo to arm KLA, KLA’s number reached 20000, they killed Serbs, of course Serbia sent it’s armed forces and police to deal with KLA, and since USA saw that Serbs were cleaning the floor with KLA and that the KLA was going to loose, Bill Clinton (USA’s president at the time) made up a story of 100000 Kosovo Albanians killed by Serb forces, and the media was willing to help him. They bombed Serbia, killed innocent civilians (including Kosovo Albaniens), destroyed embassies, factories (because you know, a car factory was “killing” Kosovo Albaniens), bridges, civilian buildings, etc. They also threatened out president to pull his forces out of Kosovo, or they would completely destroy Belgrade, once Milosević pulled Serbian forces out of Kosovo, KLA started ethnically cleansing, not only Serbs, they also cleansed other ethnic groups, because they wanted a pure Albanien Kosovo, also USA bombed a sovereign nation, without the support of UN, but they are USA, they can anything they want. One more fact: more churches were destroyed during NATO occupation of Kosovo then in 500 years of Ottoman occupation... And now you are telling me that Kosovo should be independent?!!!

  • Kosovo he Srbija

    You see, Kosovo, while ethnically Albanian, is historically Serbian. Aside from Serbia’s long standing incorporation fo Kosovo, and the relatively large Serb minority in Kosovo, it is a failure of a state. It’s been around for a decade and still around half of it people are unemployed, it hasn’t no standing army, and it’s economy is in shambles. The thing is, the situation is unlikely to change. It still isn’t fully recognized (nor should it be), and probably never will be. Now, as for Albania’s claim. Albania, though in a far better situation that Kosovo, is still very poor. It is in the best interests of the Kosovar and Serbian peoples that Kosovo rejoin Serbia. Not like they ever left. Their claims of independence are faulty at best, like their future if they remain independent.

  • Kosovo was always Serbian

    And it should stay that way. UN resolution 1244 guaranteed Serbia’s territorial integrity. The Kosovo Albanians took rightful Serbian land by extremely high birthrates and violence against the native Serb population, as well as support from NATO and the US who did it for their own twisted interests. The rights of both Kosovo Albanians and Serbs need to be protected. This can only be done with Kosovo having a large degree of autonomy in a Serbian state. In an independent Kosovo, there won’t be any Serbs in 50 years. Kosovo needs to be a part of Serbia in order to secure the existence of the Serbian population. Full stop.

  • It should never be independent

    It is very simple any land that is stolen should never be allowed to be a country.Kosovo is serbia ,was serbia and will forever be serbia.NATO is just a bunch of filthy pigs.Albania only existed since 1920 so it HAS NO RIGHT TO BE STEALING TERRITORY.If it was not for NATO serbia would have brought albania to THE GROUND

  • Kosova should be of independant

    Kosovo is 90% Kosovar in a predominantly Serb occupied nation. This has caused lots of violence and bloodshed. It should be seperate, but it has a poor economy and would return to Serbian ownership anyway. It should be a province of Albania instead. This would end the hate! ! !

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