Should labor unions do more to fight for their future?

  • yes, labor unions should do more to fight for their future.

    Labor unions are a great resource for workers and should continue to fight for their future. Many of the benefits workers have today like the 8-hour work day, weekends off, holidays off, sick leave, and fair wages are the result of the work of labor unions. These unions are essential to helping workers protect these benefits.

  • Labor Unions Should Rise

    I believe America could benefit from another round of rising labor unions. I believe there are many workers in the United States that could benefit from these organizations and it would seem maybe the only way for them to receive far pay. Companies have too much control over their employees, I think we need to realize the importance of labor unions and give them more power.

  • Workers need labor unions

    Yes, I believe that labor unions should do more to fight for their future. Some believe that labor unions are a thing of the past, but as long as big business still exists labor unions should also exists. In most cases they ensure that the organizations are taking advantage of their workers and that the worker receive fair treatment.

  • They need to back down.

    No, labor unions should not do more to fight for their future, because they already trashed the Capitol Building in Wisconsin. Labor unions need to realize that they are no longer popular. People see them as a bunch of bullies and thugs. People want to allow struggling businesses to stay in business.

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