Should Labor Unions Support an Immigration Amnesty?

  • Yes, recruitment numbers would soar.

    Labor unions in the United States have something of an image problem these days, mostly being greedy, corrupt and do-nothing. By supporting immigration amnesty it would be a way for unions to recapture their glory days both in membership number and spirit. It would re-energize their membership base and show their political foes that the 99% aren't to be trifled with any longer.

  • I am a private sector skilled labor union member

    Supporting amnesty is one of the worst things for labor to support. That encourages breaking the law without consequence. It negatively affects low skilled workers especially minorities and mainly the black youth of America. Illegal aliens have helped to push down the wages in construction and many other sectors. It will be a strain on our already burdened social services. Giving amnesty does nothing for America except give democrats hopeful future voters. Period!

  • No. Labor Unions need to stray from political issues.

    No. Labor Unions really need to stop involving themselves in so many political issues. Labor Unions were once the back bone of American labor, and they did a wonderful job of protecting laborers from unsafe conditions and unfair pay. The problem, is that now Labor Unions have taken so many political stances that they have most certainly upset every voter in one way or another. They should takes themselves out of this equation.

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