• Khloe nd Lamar should get back together

    Yes, I think that they should get back together. They look amazing when they are standing next to each other and have a strong public following. I think that they really care for each other and would do better this time around since they already know quite a bit about each other.

  • Love always wins

    It's there choice. If they feel like they love each other enough and can get through the problems that they are facing they should get back together. They may also need to seek counseling. If the relationship is worth it they may want to give it a try. We will see.

  • Lamar and Khloe: Give Marriage a Second Chance

    Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian have been separated for many months. While they have filed for divorce, Khloe herself said there is no hurry. She has once again put the divorce on hold while Lamar makes a recovery from his recent drug related hospitalization. In my opinion, marriage is an all or nothing event and since Lamar has had some personal challenges to overcome, he has not been present to fully participate in the marriage. The halt in the proceedings and his continued recovery will give the marriage a second chance. Hopefully in the end, they will build a better stronger relationship for themselves and their children.

  • Get His Head Together

    Lamar is all over the place. Until he resolves his drug problem, his NBA career and marriage are over. They can't think about maintaining the marriage until he is willing to take care of his issues first. She can't be expected to stand by him after his cheating along with his drug taking. After he rehabilitates maybe they can come together.

  • Kardashian and Odom not a Match made in Heaven

    I seriously do not agree that Khloe should get back together with Lamar, for the simple fact that they do not belong together. With the publicity the Khloe generates on her show, Lamar would not benefit from being in her limelight. He needs some time to address the issues that plague him, so that he does not spiral back to his previous habit of drug use.

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