Should Lamar Odom be allowed to spend Christmas with his two children after he was found unconscious from drug use in a brothel?

  • Yes, but only if seeing him would not negatively affect his children.

    Yes, as long as seeing him does not negatively affect his children. It is all about the children and we must ask the question: is he a bad father or is he just a person that does bad things? Would missing their father being in their lives positively or negatively affect his children? It is possible to be a good father teaching good morals, yet not follow them yourself. As long as the children do not know and will not follow in his footsteps, let them keep their father.

  • He should be allowed to spend time with them under supervision.

    I think Lamar Odom should be allowed to spend time with his two children, but he shouldn't be alone. He has said he is trying to get better, and I think part of the process is trusting him with his children. That being said, I don't think he is at the point where he should be left alone with them.

  • Christmas is about family

    I think that he should at least be allowed to spend time with them, even if it is supervised. All children love their parents unconditionally, and shouldn't have to suffer for the mistakes their parents make. This is about what Odom has done wrong, and it isn't about punishing him. It's about making sure the children aren't punished for his actions.

  • Somebody Protect the Kids

    I think society can step in and handle Mr. Odom here even without any state intervention. His friends and family should step up and take temporary custody of his kids until he is fit to be a trustworthy custodian again, by their standards. Until then, I think a Skype meeting or something would suffice.

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