• Yes! He should

    Just like the baseball players he should, he grew up in a not wealthy family. And grew up with a horrible step father. The money he received from the races helped him and his 5 kids alt! If it takes less time to forgive baseball players, I think it should be okay if got to race again. He didnt fail the drug tests.

  • Lance won SEVEN, yes...SEVEN!!!

    Regardless of the doping, to win seven tours is arguably still the greatest sporting achievement of all time. To think that Lance 'only' won because of the doping is naive and simplistic. The man already had talent and more importantly, desire...He could also ride and handle a bike brilliantly - doping does not give you those traits. I am a decent rider but if you put me on a programme, do you think I would win a grand tour? Of course not. Doping will not turn a donkey into a thoroughbred race horse.

    Considering pretty much all of the tour winners from the first tour through to 2011, (bar Lemond and Indurain) have at one stage or another 'doped' or tested positive, I find the treatment of Armstrong, although somewhat deserved, hypocritical.

    He won those tours...He knows it, the riders know it and everyone in the world knows it...To suggest that no one won the tour for seven years is farcical.

    Lance was just a better doper than all of his peers, but do not forget that he also had more talent than his peers.

  • Who amoung us is perfect

    After watching a documentary on all of it, it appears everyone in cycling is on performance enhancing substances. That does not make it right, nor am I condoning it, but it was do it and win, or not do it and lose, We know his choice. What would you have done? You do not have to support the man, but forgive him. And I'm even going a step further. In my memory I choose to remember him as the 7 time TDF champion regardless of what anyone says

  • Everybody deserves a chance

    Of course it matters what he did. He was wrong, period. That been said what was normal mid nineties is not normal now. When I was growing up and I am 48 now I used to make fun of certain groups of people, gays ethnic minorities etc. Through life's experiences, and influences from different people I have come to realise what I said was wrong. As a young man I was ignorant of a lot of facts but as everyone around me was saying these things I followed. I was wrong. That doesn't make me a bad person. I am a manager in the public sector and would challenge anyone who has the views I had as a young man, but you know what I don't have to because times are different, people don't say what I said openly anyway anymore. He has done wrong and has been punished by taking away what he loves the most, but how long does it continue. In my humble opinion he should be given a chance.

  • Give The Guy A Break

    Lance Armstrong is flawed human being, and it is hard to argue against that. However, Armstrong has done a lot of good things with his fame. That cannot be ignored. Also, his era of cycling was filled with doping. There is a number of other cyclists who would have been just as scandalous if they had won over Armstrong.

    Posted by: rpr
  • Yes.

    It took less for fans of baseball to forgive baseball players for doping and not all the players have even apologized for letting down the fans. Lance did great things and will be remembered for them. Yes, doping will be a part of his legacy but he is to cycling as the Mark McGuires and Sammy Sosas are to baseball. The leaders of a doping era but will always be remembered for their triumphs.

  • He Shouldn't Be Forgiven

    Lance Armstrong is a terrible person. He lied about doping for years and hid behind cancer. Lance aggressively attacked his accusers and sued hundreds of people. He even took close friends to court. There are some things that are just not forgivable and we should never forgive Armstrong and what he did.

  • No, he shouldn't be forgiven.

    Lance Armstrong does not seem to be a very moral person to begin with. He is not some guy who didn't realize what he was doing. I believe he meant to cheat and he knew it was wrong because he lied about his doping for a long time. He mislead a lot of people into thinking he was a great athlete and a great guy also by getting involved in cancer awareness. Now all those people have to rethink how they feel about that. I don't think he should be forgiven for that.

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