Should Lance Armstrong be prosecuted for having lied under oath?

  • Yes, he took the glory and now he should take the shame.

    Lance Armstrong was willing to take all the credit and the acclaim that he got, and after years it is discovered that it was under false pretenses. I'm sure a lot of people were let down after believing him all these years. Those people need to see him get the same treatment that they would expect to get if they did the same. He can't lean on any sympathy people might have for him, because he earned all those good feelings dishonestly. When a person gets held up as a hero figure, they better make sure they are deserving of the acclaim they are getting.

  • Yes!

    Lance Armstrong should be prosecuted for lying all of those years. I also believe that on top of being stripped of all of his titles and medals, he should never be able to compete in any race ever again. He not only cheated many people who actually worked hard and fair, but he cheated the law and many fans.

  • Yes, He Doesn't Deserve Special Treatment

    Lance Armstrong very clearly lied and deceived for many years. He does not deserve special treatment just because he is a celebrity and a famous athlete. He should be subject to the full extent of the law, just like everyone else. Lying under oath is a serious offense and he should be prosecuted if he is found to have done that.

  • Yes.

    Lance Armstrong should be prosecuted for lying under oath. He has admitted that he has cheated which is in conflict to his statements under oath. At this point he should be treated the same as any one else who was in the same situation. I believe that he should also be prosecuted for fraud, and any other crimes that he may have committed in recent years.

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