Should Lance Armstrong be stripped of his Olympic medals?

  • With confirmation of doping

    If the evidence syncs up with usage during the Olympics, then he deserves to have whatever was awarded to him taken away. These things need to be dealt with harshly to teach young athletes that this is not a way to get ahead, it is away to throw your career and achievements away.

  • Yes, he should lose any honors received.

    It looks as those Lance Armstrong did receive information from the International Olympic Committee that he needed to return his bronze medal, and did so. Because he was using performance-enhancing drugs, he should not get rewarded in any way for victories he had during his cycling career. People should earn their medals and honors, and he possibly kept someone else from having the thrill of getting that third place medal.

  • He probably should

    Lance Armstrong was found out to have been using steroids for all of his Tour De France wins and was stripped of those wins. I don't see any reason why he wouldn't have to give up his Olympic medals. He doesn't deserve them, but it's hard to saw who else would get them.

  • Yes He Should

    Lance Armstrong admitted to cheating so I believe stripping him of his Olympic medals is the right thing to do. I do not see how the Olympic committee could justify letting him keep the medals after his confession. What he did was wrong and completely against the rules of the Olympics.

  • Yes, provided they can prove he was doping when he participated in the Olympics

    While I don't much care if he doped while cycling in the Tour de France (especially since everyone else is doping as well), I do care if he doped while in the Olympics. The Olympics is supposed to be a bastion of amateur sport, the Olympics board is very strict on any type of drug use. It seems that doping gave Lance Armstrong an unfair advantage in these games, and that is grounds for stripping the gold medals.

  • Yes, the medals should be taken back.

    Lance Armstrong violated the rules and overall ethics of the Olympics by using performance enhancing drugs. As a result, he should be stripped of his medals. He may have been able to win without any enhancers, but now he will never know. It is unfair to other contestants who complied by the the rules and regulations.

  • Lance Armstrong may have cheated, But he was still the best

    No doubt I'm my mind lance cheated! But so did all the others! In my mind he's still my hero, and that won't change. He was arrogant, and lied to everyone, but to be the best this is what it takes. That's why no one will ever be as good as lance Armstrong, because he new what it took to win, and did it. He was a winner, and would stop at nothing to do it. Blood doping only helps you to a certain extent, and yeah it took the edge off, but he won all his titles with heart and grit, and though not many people believe in him, I always will. What he did for cancer was amazing and continues to inspire me.

  • Lance Armstrong should not be stripped of his Olympic medals

    Lance Armstrong should not be stripped of his Olympic medals. However, he should be stripped of the medals where he used the enhance performing drugs. He has been a good role model for millions of people around the world and the punishment of using the drugs and people finding out has been hard enough on him already.

  • I don’t think that Lance Armstrong should be stripped of his Olympic medals.

    I don’t think that Lance Armstrong should be stripped of his
    Olympic medals. He earned those medals
    by being better than all of his competitors.
    I think that he should be able to keep all of those medals. His only punishment should be that he shouldn’t
    be allowed to compete anymore.

  • Who would they go to?

    We all know by now that Lance Armstrong is a pathological liar and further impedes the reality that there are no real sports heroes. He lied about doping and played it like he was honestly beating the others, who all were doping, under his own power. They got caught. Lance eventually did too. Does that mean that he should be stripped of his Olympic medals? I don't believe so. If Lance beat out other dopers, then first place would go to a doper, too. Stripping him of his prestige is not the solution. What needs to be done is to mandate testing for future events, including the Tour de France, and that if someone is determined to have taken PEDs that they should be disqualified on the spot and not allowed entry. The fact that Lance was allowed to enter shows an oversight in the Olympic committee. He shouldn't take the blame for them, and he's been brought enough shame already. He essentially won a doping contest, where everyone else used PEDs so they could win. Selfishness should not be awarded. Stripping the medals would be following that logic, but if the Olympic committee is strict about drugs, why did they let so many dopers in? Let it stand until it is provable who a fair winner would be. That's all they can do for now.

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